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  1. Thanks guys! mikehand, I used fishing line to cut each one off, pulled the remaining tape off by hand and then used 3M adhesive remove to get the residue off. I'm not sure how the adhesive remover affects the paint so I also quickly rinsed the area with water. Worked quickly and well and actually did this for all the exterior emblems. I used the Shelby letter trunk template that is available for purchase to position the new ones.
  2. Hey Jim I got the Recaros off ebay. They were expensive and a lot of work to swap with the stock bases, airbag, etc. But they are awesome. This thread has write ups on how people did it. http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/showthread.php?909957-My-FRPP-Recaro-s-just-came-in&highlight= Thanks
  3. Just sharing my recent mods... Airbrushed custom emblems: Cobras, SHELBY and faux gas cap. Work was done by https://www.autobadges.com/ and I'm extremely happy. Great experience working with these guys. New Matte black CS1 Shelby wheels with Nitto INVO tires. Painted calipers. TPS stage 2 brake kit - drilled/slotted rotors and braided lines. Recaro Shelby seats. Matte black Drake battery hold down. Painted strut covers. Raxiom Gen5 Tail lights and Recon smoked LED 3rd brake light.
  4. Anyone recommend a quality reputable shop in the Orlando area to refinish wheels? Not sure what I want yet but likely paint and accents. Thanks!
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    Hi. Thanks! I plan on a whipple and supporting upgrades but haven't got the cash at the moment. Probably next year :-)
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    Thanks! :-)
  7. Following up on this work in progress :-) Latest round includes following mods: painted side stripes painted radiator cover The Tank overflow/intercooler reservoir Shelby GT500 coil covers painted rear valence, side skirts, OEM splitter APR CF splitter with painted support rods smoked exterior emblems painted Shelby fusebox cover Paint by Samuels Auto Body in Sanford FL. Really happy here but I think I might go back to OEM emblems... Thanks
  8. Hi guys. Thanks for all the help on this. Clutch was starting to slip in 2nd gear but had it replaced yesterday with McLeod RXT. The stock one they pulled out had a huge amount of dust in it and the center of the flywheel was ground up good. What a difference in feeling this new clutch is! Barely touch it and it moves so takes some getting used to :-) I also upgrade to 3:73 gears
  9. Hi Kempf. Sorry to hear :-( Haven't noticed any cracks on mine. My body shop did tell me that fiber glass hoods often have issues like this. They also told me to be careful opening and closing the hood (ie, no slamming). I'm sure you don't slam yours though :-) Thanks.
  10. Hi guys. Thanks for the feedback. I've decided to skip the TSB attempt and will install a McLeod clutch. They have to make one (!) and then it will ship to the local performance shop. Hopefully my clutch will last 2 more weeks :unsure:
  11. Hi guys. Thanks for the responses. I did Grabber's tests today. In neutral, if I depress the clutch all the way and hold there is a hiss but only for a fraction of a second. If I depress the clutch and quickly go into 1st and then reverse, 1st gear is a bit notchy and tougher than reverse. If I wait 3 seconds after depressing the clutch then do the same, there doesn't seem to be a difference. Taking off in 1st does sometimes cause shuddering. The biggest issue is going over 40mph, on hard acceleration the clutch slips and this happens in 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th gears. So what do you think is wrong (ie, is it the TSB issue), how far into it is it and what should I replace? Does the McCloud fit a 2008? AM lists it for 11-14 years. What about Spec P-trim? I can get a used one with low miles at the price of the McCloud.... Thanks! PS - Clayton, did you go into the dealer with the TSB in hand? Did they put up much of a fight?
  12. Hi. I think my 2008 GT500 is starting to show signs of the TSB clutch issue. While there is only 9k miles on it, I assume it is out of warranty and I'm on my own? I will run through Grabber's tests but I can say with certainty now that the clutch is slipping when going over 50mph and accelerating hard. I don't think it does it at lower speed or gear. I don't drive it much and only starting noticing this maybe 3 months ago. Will post my test results asap but in the mean time.... Can I determine at this point what I need to replace? Is it just the clutch? Flywheel? Anything else? What are people doing for aftermarket replacement and what are the results? Aluminum or steel flywheel? What should I expect a shop or dealer to charge for labor? Any idea of how long it will last before failing or causing further damage??? Thanks
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