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  1. Macman, there was someone who did the conversion and posted a "how-to" online years ago, which I referenced to make them work. After doing so, I had one HID that worked, and the other one wasn't powered. I used the same logic in the writeup and was able to locate a pin connection in the fuse block to power the other HID, and voila! I'm in business. Thank you.
  2. Non-Shelby related, but I'm looking at a vehicle in Chantilly, Virginia, I want to know if someone can give it a look see so I can pull the trigger?
  3. Hey everyone... Question, does anyone live nearish to Washington DC? I'm looking at a truck in Chantilly and I need someone to go give it a once over?
  4. Thanks for all the overwhelming help, all. Issue has been resolved!
  5. Jimi, I just did a 2008 HID conversion on mine (2007), it was an interesting process. Along the way, I came into contact with someone recommended to me who kind of specializes in that area - checkout 5.0 Motorsport on Facebook and get in conact with him. Does yours have LED's and do the 2013's have LED's? If it is the same type of light (halogen, HID, LED) and same body style, it should be an easy swap. Going from halogen to HID or LED, or HID to LED, requires different work.
  6. Putting along! Had quite the issue with the HID's on my Shelby not working, but got everything resolved yesterday! I was quite pleased. I shattered my collar bone the weekend before last, so I'm on the mend. Burning through the old set of tires on the GT500 makes for good physical therapy!! How about you??
  7. Bump. Anyone? Someone out there has to have put in HID's from the halogen setup, I know it has been done.
  8. Very well! Many, many thanks. The kids are good... 7, 5, 3, and 2 now. The 7 and 5 just had their first day of second grade and kindergarten . It's a circus around here! That much hasn't changed. Work is good, going on year five with the local smokies shop.
  9. Jelloooo! You know, have it back just in time to tear it apart again... After running it a few days, I saw some build-up in the front of the timing chain cover behind the thermostat. I took the thermostat housing off to figure it out, and found a small crack in the cover. So now I'm taking the cover off to get it welded. And I'm finding taking the front cover off these things isn't an easy task, holy cow... How are you? I have your puller to smuggle back across the border.
  10. Hanging in there! Got the Shelby back to repaired state about a month ago. Now, working out the gremlins (I expected that). What's news???
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