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  1. 4:10's is really your best bet. I had done mine when it was NA and was even better after the S/C. The only "big" difference was straights at the track, top speed was in the neighborhood of 120-125. The beauty of these gears is on the freeway (highway depending on what part of the country you're in) and being able to downshift to 4th at 80mph! Gives you all kinds of torque! If you track the car and your favorite track has more curves than straights these are perfect. Most of the time I was in 2nd/3rd and due to torque it dug out of corners in either gear.... My two cents, bottom line, DO IT!
  2. I wanted to send you a message asking you a question but somehow stumbled on your thread that you are selling your SGT. Bummer man =[. I wanted to ask you, how did you like your 400hp whipple? When you put on the car did it really give a huge difference? I'm thinking about doing that blower in the spring and eventually installing the intercooler and the smaller pulley. Let me know what you ...

  3. Have a set for the front - for sale $250 less than 2K miles.... PM me for info.
  4. Hey everyone - The LA Shelby club has been providing updates to a proposed *new* road course to be built in Lancaster, CA. It appears that the County of LA has been hearing public support (or the lack thereof) on the construction. Saturday, Feb 6th the County planning commission is meeting to hear further arguments for/against the construction of the track. If you're in the LA area, want to see a new course built and have the time to show your support, you should plan on attending. Here's the email I was sent: IMPORTANT !!!! Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park Update In an unusual turn of events, the environmentalist community has secured a follow-up LA County Planning Commission meeting on Saturday, Feb. 6, in Lancaster. These meetings would normally occur in downtown Los Angeles on a weekday. The effect will be to make it much easier to pack the room with anti-track environmentalists. It is very important that we get a large turnout of Fairmont Butte Motorsports Park supporters. NUMBERS COUNT!!! Tom Malloy has offered to provide bus transportation for track supporters from his race shop in Corona and his Trench Shoring business location in Gardena to Lancaster for this critical meeting. Tom has said he will also provide lunch to those supporters. Tom is willing to do this if he can get enough supporters to fill a bus. NOW is the time to act to help secure a facility that will support our passion. Please contact Tom Malloy at malloy@aol.com to reserve a space on one of his buses. Otherwise, make arraignments to travel on your own. YOUR SUPPORT IS CRITICALLY NEEDED. Also, please forward this to any clubs and/or individuals that attend open track driving events. And, don’t forget to send letters of support to the LA County Planning Commission and the LA County Supervisor as described in the attached flyer too.
  5. Mine had it too when the car was new and would go away as the temp went up.... It went away completely when I replaced the valve covers........ I know, likely VERY unrelated, but it's the truth!
  6. Hey man, those are all nice new shiny parts, but my question is, are ya gonna have that thing back together for the BASH??!!!!
  7. Yes and no. The 18" will not clear, but I understand that these will in the 20". The CS8's have these wheels. I've got a set of the 18's sitting in my garage if anyone is interested!
  8. By far the "best band for the buck" mod you can do for the car. It's money well spent! Enjoy! The gas mileage isn't all that bad. Just turn off the display and don't worry about, that's what I do. I have no idea how many miles I have on my car anymore!
  9. Contact Mike Duran - Body Shop Manager at Citrus Ford in Ontario, CA. Tell him Cliff sent you and you need the replacement window sticker from Shelby. He took care of it for me with no problem! I'm sure Mike will drop it in the mail for you! And he'll even know NOT to fold it!
  10. Oh I wouldn't go that far...... If anyone has ever had an "issue" with them you may as well kiss your a$$ good-bye! The guy there is a jerk! And I told him any chance I had I'd say so! So, i'm keeping my end of the bargain unlike some people....
  11. I'm posting this as a head's up to everyone. I went on a GREAT cruise yesterday for about 2 hours up in the mountains. I was way out of the way of any populated areas and carving up and down the turns nicely. The weather was perfect and the air cool. The Shelby handled it all very well. Until, I hit a 3-mile flat straight and noticed "smoke" pouring out the rear. I had just replaced axle seals (Thank you Willow for tearing those up!) and I thought it might be an issue again. I backed off the throttle and the "smoke" subsided. I coasted into town and found an open gas station. Popped the hood and found coolant all over the firewall. Opened the reservoir and found it empty. Checked all the hoses and didnt' see anything. A local guy pulled up and we started talking and he thought it may have been a heater hose since it was along the firewall. Until, we found that it was actually a hose clamp on a piece of tubing from the coolant crossover that runs underneath the Whipple snout. There's a male-male sleeve that fits into two ends of the hose. The one clamp which is plastic? had acutally come loose? After awhile I figured it would be from the heat maybe? Anyway, I thought i'd give you all a heads up to check your hoses and especially your clamps.... And especially the Whipple guys. It's the house from the crossover and runs parrallel to the fuel rails on the passenger side. Needless to say, re-clamped, threw some coolant in and ran back down the mountain!
  12. It's sooooo hard for me to get over the "tail" wall! Just something seems so pure about keeping the "delete" on the trunk lid... However, for those who have done it, it looks just as "right" as well.... I think it's a matter of preference...
  13. Dude, leave the Alcoa's to the big boys.... the SGT's look great with the razors! The alcoa's need the larger "bump" in the hood and the side scoops to "suck up" some of that mass.... The razors look great!
  14. Classic look! Good job! In my extremely humble opinion, the Gooodyear F1's are the tire of choice for our cars....... BIG improvement over the BFG's!
  15. Latest pics from Streets of Willow..... Fun track, I was one of 3 domestics out there... the rest were Mazada RX8's and S2000's. I had a Mazda guy come and tell me he was "bummed" that I was leaving for the day, because it was fun to try and fight me off! Streets in my opinion is NO track for higher HP or larger weight cars...... Too small, too narrow. The S2000's had a hard time staying ON the track! I only lost it once on the skidpad, but am happy to say, I brought her back and continued on fairly easy. It was more fun watching the Vintage Auto Club running classic Shelby's on the big track next door! Those things are HAMMERTIME!!!
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