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  1. I’m interested in attending Carlisle but having a bit of trouble. I’ll have 2 adults and 2 kids (12&15). I will not be showing my car. Is there a package that will work with this setup? Thanks.
  2. Tony live in suburb of Philly. I actually haven’t been an active member of Team Shelby for a few years. But may want to again. ‘11GT500 lots of mods ’67GT500 in the works Want a club that goes on breakfast cruises/meets once a month or so near Philly. That’s probably a big ask.
  3. I will be going to the Carlisle event and the National event at Pocono. For Carlisle, I will not be in the "show" but going to look at the cars and check out the swap meet. Mainly Sat. maybe Fri. Does anyone want to get together while there? Lunch, maybe diner and a caravan back to Philly area? Tony
  4. Wow so much work to do to move in! Also building a garage. Not sure when I'll be ready to start organizing something to get together. I did make it to Carlile last weekend That was so great. Tony
  5. I will get in touch with you guys so see when we can set something up for a first meeting at the end of June when we get moved in a settled in. Tony
  6. Is there an active regional director for Northeast Team Shelby?
  7. Sounds great I'll plan on Rocktoberfest.
  8. Our new house is in the Media area, maybe need to start something in the area. I'm coming from a club called Colorado Shelby Breakfast Club. We would meet at different places around Denver once a month ( usually have breakfast ) and hang out. Started out nothing formal and ended up in a few years where we would have 15+ Shelby's at one place.
  9. Moving to the Philadelphia area (Delaware County). I'm hoping you all can provide insight on Shelby clubs and activities in the area.
  10. I would like to be counted in for the MORE parking program for Vegas. Tony S.
  11. I just had a custom tune made by Jon Lund thru Lethal performance. I put it on the Dyno and ran it while checking all the numbers to make sure the tune was right. It was absolutely perfect!!!!! After having some problems with the local tuner that I have used in the past, ( Finishline here in Denver ) I was weary about having a tune done somewhere else and sent to me to download but again it was great. It made 667hp at the tires. '11 GT500 Whipple 2.8 3.25 pulley 14' boost up here JTL 72mm throttle body 72' bosh injectors Whipple 123mm intake Kenne Bell boost a pump Tony
  12. thanks for the info Alex, My '11 is going to need the same fix. build date 05/10
  13. With a supercharged car. Has anyone noticed a spike or surge in the fuel pressure when the manifold pressure is around 0. It will bounce around and stops as soon as I lift off the throttle or give it more gas to change the manifold pressure. Tony
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