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  1. Picked up a GT350R front brake conversion kit from Bruce at Full Tilt Boogie Racing (that's his front brake duct too) for my 2008 GT500. Power By The Hour did the install along with some other updates...ATI 10% lower, 2014 GT500 rear brakes with DBA rotors, etc. Will add more pics as I get them or after I get the car back.
  2. The Griggs Torque Arm is well worth the install and welding. It really changes the car.
  3. Sorry to hear that. You'll need to rip out everything wet and ASAP to avoid corrision and rust. Any way to jack it up and raise it now? Your insurance company may total it out.
  4. Easy to grind off the 5.8 and paint it black
  5. Tousely Ford has sold a few sets already, just waiting for people to post up. I'm going to order them before Ford jacks the price up like they did on the TVS.
  6. Plus, if anything happened, they could not get new ones. Weldcraft did an outstanding widening job on the used set I got here. They also fixed the curb rash and did a great job on the welds. Of course, I did have to buy one new rim but only because the MMS jerk that sold me the used set here failed to disclose how badly damaged one of the rims was...it was hit so hard that it was twisted and was a junk rim...not useable. Not at all repairable like I was told and no offer of even a partial refund. It's collecting dust in my garage.
  7. 2013 GT500 rear rotors (13.8") and calipers/hardware for about $600. 2013 GT500 6-piston Brembo calipers and rotors/hardware for about $1200. OEM quality and upgraded calipers all around.
  8. Another reason to sign up and get the emails B)
  9. You can get it a lot cheaper from Tousely Ford.
  10. Thanks for getting this done! I ordered a set of 20x10.
  11. It's a simple business decision...if they can't get a ROI, they won't do it. Once the bean counters chime in, we'll have an answer.
  12. I'd be interested in a second set. I have a widened and powdercoated set but would like a second set for daily driving. I don't really care what finish you offer - I'll custom powdercoat them anyway I do not need any engraving on the wheel but would prefer at least Shelby...not a deal breaker though. Consider that people by this wheel for other vehicles too, not just the GT500 series. Look at how you are marketing the product and fitmemt you describe on your website. Do you own the design to the wheel or does Alcoa? If SAI maintained rights to the wheel, contact True Forged and contract with them.
  13. Yes, that is it. Bangastang and JLT have both provided me with products and they matched my 2008 Alloy Metallic GT500 perfectly.
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