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  1. Go for it. The cars looks good with more meaty tires. Just save the Razors in the new boxes so you always have those. 😎
  2. Good luck. Just realized I should have said hub centric ring spacer. Lol
  3. Yup I have them all around on my 40th. They clear fine. It’s also helpful to use ring centric hub spacers with the Razors if you don’t have them yet. Helps to center the wheel on the hub. Should be some old threads on the correct size to use.
  4. I agree Steve. A smart buyer will at least google the number and would end up here to see that it had burned up.
  5. It's a blast John. Have fun in Dearborn with both 40th's. Post some pics.
  6. I agree 66GT350PS, I had a blast tracking and the car show turnout was amazing. Good times. Cali_KR got a ride in the Ford GT. Here is the SBY Boss LS in the garage. The late model race was a kick. Here I am chasing mherman2 with Cali_KR on our heals. Here is Torch40 prepping for race time
  7. My Boss 302 LS seems to get all the love these days but I did also take the 40th to the SAAC 43 Nationals. Won a Show Favorite at the car show. Drove the 40th back up to central WA afterward. Good road trip. This subforum was getting stale so thought I would add a post.
  8. Cool that you figured out that last two builds and added even more details. Thanks for keeping at it Steve! Much appreciated. It looks like I am the 1 of 1 black convertible that ordered the cooling package. Though I do know of at least one other that added it afterward. Great stuff.
  9. I'm in the no tint group as well. I think it looks sweet as is!
  10. I have been following this build on The Mustang Shops Facebook page. Very cool!
  11. Congratulations Don! Enjoy your retirement. Hope to see you at a bash or other event sometime. Take care my friend and enjoy!
  12. Amsoil now has 5W-50 that meets the ford WSS-M2C931-C spec. Check this thread for more info http://www.svtperformance.com/forums/showthread.php?1051393-Amsoil-Signature-Series-5W-50-meets-Ford-WSS-M2C931-C-recommendation
  13. Wildv8, the roll bar is custom built by Piper Motor Sports in VA. They welded in plates on the frame and floor so the roll bar can be bolted in or removed. The padding I installed myself and had covered by a local upholsterer. It's a copy of the roll bar that GT500FLYBOY (John) had installed in his GT500 40th. Recently Fontech (Tom) had one installed by someone in So. Cal using the pictures from FlyBoy and myself. His looks identical to ours. I saw his at the Vegas Bash last week. Hey ShelbyKR664, yes that was me at Carlisle for the 50th event back east. Super fun time hanging with my East Coast brothers. FlyBoy had his 40th (identical to mine) at the event as well but he did not have his roll bar installed.
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