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  1. My 2008 conv popped a CEL couple days ago and took it to dealer for check out. They say a fuel pump and jet is required -- any one heard of this problem after 10k miles? Engine ran ok, but had occasional light lurch when acelerating in low gear. Any one have a similar issue and is this the fix? Ron
  2. I just took my 08 in for a CEL. Dealer says fuel pump needs changing, as well as jet pump??? What is this? The car ran ok except for an occasional hesitation. Any thoughts? Ron
  3. I had FRPP power upgrade pkg installed w/mufflers & tune by dealer -- unbelievable difference in throttle response and power -- started the dreaded axle hop! Recently got CEL and was the fuel pump pressure. At dealer now getting replacement @ 10k miles! Anyone else have this problem?
  4. I just got a cel today -- engine seemed to lurch a bit on occasion, but otherwise ran well. Anyone have a similar issue? I have the Ford Racing power upgrade pkg since new and was installed by dealer, that's the only mod. Have 10010 miles on car as of today. Any thoughts?
  5. Are you now able to see the gauges? I can't see my stock gauges with dark glasses on -- very poor after so many SVT's with white face (easily seen!) instrument clusters!
  6. I'm saddened to hear that Ol' Shel passed -- he was the man that brought Mustang to life!! He will be sorely missed by all. GodSpeed Mr. Shelby!!! Ron
  7. HPT Bandit -- what wheels do you have? They look awesome on your car -- are they 18"? Mine is black too and would look good with those shoes! rwahl
  8. Looking for 18" wheels for my '08 GT500 conv that are styled similar to KR's or Ford Bullitt wheels in chrome or polished finish. Have not had any luck -- plenty of 20's, but no 18's so I can use stock tires for ride and $$ savings. Any advice? Ron
  9. Just inquired about ordering BOSS 302 and was told appx 8 week delivery time. The plant will be slow as Mazda is vacating, then pick up speed of orders after August-Sept. time frame. Hope this helps your planning. I was lucky enough to find our '08 GT500 conv on dealer lot at right time (April '08) and got it for sticker. Enjoy an awesome ride!! Ron
  10. Anybody seen any KR wheels for sale? I think they would look awesome on my black GT500! Ron
  11. I installed a K&N on my new '08 , just as I had on my many other 'Stangs. The car ran great cold but it leaned out after reaching operating temp -- one could FEEL the difference! On a road trip with the cruise on at 72 mph I would fell a lurch ever so often that was as if I had released the gas pedal then got back on. As this is my first supercharged Mustang, I started doing some research and found that it truly DID need a tune to perform safely and properly, so I promptly called my FRPP dealer to have the FRPP CAI, tune, and muffler kit installed and warranted -- what a difference! The drive by wire lag is gone, no more lurching, and the power is soooo much better -- now I have the dreaded wheel hop! Go with a high quality CAI and tune for the safety and longevity of your engine. Ron
  12. Mustang SVT Shelby GT500
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