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  1. the real question is my homie (seen in the pic) still there???? totally forgot his name, been so long
  2. don't you know "SHELBY" PP shipping cost are also consider collectable lol. you already paid a generous premium on your "SHELBY" cars and "SHELBY" parts, what's the difference on "SHELBY" shipping cost? just go along and laugh together to the bank. REMEMBER you the one that bought the SHELBY to begin with so don't blame nobody else. bet you can't beat this, oil change for my Murcielago is about $2000 and i don't blame anyone but myself LOL LOL.
  3. hi op, at the end of the day its basically a game to them on how much they can extract from a customer. if they detect any vulnerability or have the upper hand, or have you cornered, u know they got u. unfortunately its the nature of the beast. to get a good deal, us customers have to play the same game. however catching dealers at those positions are not often, but do exist tho. i've seen a guy bought a new kr for $120k cash and a week later the same dealer sold their last kr to another for only $75k. back them $75k was heck of a deal. who know what they were pumping to the guy with the $120k and he got suckered in. he later met the $75k dude at a car show and found out the price. he went back to the dealer and complaint but guess what, the dealers had nothing to say beside laughing behind his back all the way to the bank. at the end of the day, they were able to extract that $120k from him and can sleep very well. that's just how it is. the 120k dude doesn't go on forums, not very knowledgeable, no homework done, not very savvy and no research. and it played to the dealers hand perfectly.
  4. so what other parts from spp are from china? please be honest
  5. http://www.kalaeloaracewaypark.com/
  6. negative. free for the public. they have a contest to see who has the loudest mufflers lol.
  7. hahahah your post don't make sense to many but makes sense to some. the name shelby will cost ya. gotta play by their rules or where else u gonna go to get the name shelby ;-)
  8. waimanalo, kalihi, waipahu, honokai hale, nanakuli, waianae . . . not a good idea. portlock no problem u got the "dog" for backup
  9. 14k wow nice. i take care any customer that spend 14k in this economy ;-)
  10. hey op, to be honest, i know its not fair and soooo many injustices in this life time, don't stress ur self out. just pay the $550 and let it be. these days, u gotta know or be in the inner circle to get gooooood treatment. otherwise, we are all just a number and nobody really give it sh_t. consider 550 cheap, i seen other got jacked more
  11. its the Eagle fans are the worst!! . . . cause they try to kill Santa Claus in front of little kids
  12. to me the twins had zero oz. of fight in them, not grit, no sense of urgency. i mean this is freaking game 7!!!! the bruins man handled both of them, period. and of course goalie was SOFT! great for boston ;-) . . . . but one of the worst game 7 competition-wise game ever.
  13. don't worry trevor linden is suiting up to save the day
  14. LeFraud aka Scottie Pipen should hand the pre-game pep talk to D Wade from now on hahahahaaha
  15. c'mon man its alll about pimping the LV lol
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