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  1. It was one of the reasons that I bought the Shelby GT.
  2. Happy belated Birthday Carroll from a fellow Capricorn. I get to celebrate mine tomorrow (Friday the thirteenth).
  3. Robert, may the good Lord give you and your family the strength to get through this difficult time. Check is in the mail.
  4. You have my condolences. May God be with you and your family to help you through this.
  5. They are aluminum; I checked them before the dealer installed them.
  6. When I got my hood repainted, re-striped, and new scoop, Shelby sent new aluminum screws along with the stripes and scoop. I would think you'd be able to get them from Shelby.
  7. Awesome Bob!! Something to be really proud of.Start taking some videos to capture the moment forever. :happy feet:
  8. That is very close to me. Almost next door. I will try to make it. I'm not sure if it was this show or another one in Munster last year where a guy from northern Illinois brought an original A.C.Cobra small block to the show. Supposedly the guy has an original big block as well.
  9. Who sells the Cmax pads? Also, how much are they?
  10. John Luft and I Not sure why the supercharger is marked Supersnake. More pics here: http://s186.photobucket.com/albums/x26/IrwinPedersen/2011%20Autoshow/
  11. Any word today on if he will be there or not? Is there a contact number for someone from Shelby that will be at the show tomorrow in case we have problems with the credentials?
  12. If you avoid Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday you should be good to go. Otherwise you will be :angry2: unless your :tequila: :beerchug: when you go. It gets too crowded on the weekends.
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