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  1. 08SGT/SC, The PIC of the blue covers are a set that were part of the skunks works effort done by some of us. The pic posted witht he 4 options were the original choices to review back then (in fact zoom in and you'll see the CSM# 2875 from my car). So glad I was able to pull this off back then as they still look GREAT on my car!
  2. Yes they were available without CSM and a smaller CS logo from SA
  3. Shelby Never offered them with CSM, Any you see was a skunks works effort years ago!
  4. That's the same spot I walked up on the same 2, boy did they get an earful from me on this matter!
  5. Ah gotcha, I misread it that the salvage title was due to the theft. My bad!
  6. If it was stolen prior to completion, how could it be a GT-H?
  7. My goal is to have 07 White and Black (check), 08 Grabber Orange, and 08 Vista Blue all coupe 5 speeds! I bought 07 black new from dealer in August 2008. In 6/2013 bought 07 White as a flood salvage to turn into track car.
  8. Only with proper buyer. General public, more in the high teens to very low 20's.
  9. Responses will run the gambit on current value. Unfortunately KBB and NADA don't help with these vehicles as they don't have them listed properly as a model vs. "package". One use to have at least the 2008's as a model, however, I now see that is gone! A lot of it comes down to what you want out of it, if you want closer to what it should be worth, you may end up sitting on it for awhile until the right buyer comes along. Alternatively if you need to get rid of it to "cash" out, lower price will move it quicker. Research what they are going for on sites like autotrader and such. The auction values are useless for the common folk.
  10. No way would I agree to any device that monitors or plugs into ODB on car! I switched my SGT to Grundy 2 years ago with nearly half the cost I was paying, with my current renewal was asked about daily vehicles and if they could quote, wouldn't you know it it too is cheaper with better coverage! Better coverage includes agreed value on all vehicles (06 F-150, 09 Focus, 12 Escape, and 07 SGT), road side assistance, towing, car rental, etc... with an annual savings just over $900!
  11. Oh the car that will never be done again (said many in the know over the past couple years) LOL
  12. Well then, I was going to say I put an Exedy in my track car and very satisfied! What a difference from the factory clutch in the street car. Night and day difference.
  13. While it shows flood salvage title, how does one surmise how high the flood waters got? The "repair costs" for a car with 1 inch of water in cabin would cause it to be totaled. This all depends on the level of flooding. 1 inch in the cabin wouldn't render the motor useless. Is the starting price for the car with all the other issues a bit high, sure. I for one have brought life back to a flood salvaged car for track only use. In my instance, car came from New Jersey and Hurricane Sandy. Based on the damage levels it appears that mine was submerged to about the bottom of the radio. I was fortunate to obtain a donor crash vehicle at a reasonable cost for wiring harness, dash harness. It's what I call a labor of love to breath life back into a Shelby so I can now have a street Shelby and a Track Shelby
  14. Painting is the way to go. I would also vote to have the side ones painted at same time as it shouldn't be much more. I always knew that when it came time to address stripe issues painting would be the way to go. I used an unfortunate incident of having a gravel truck with an unsecured load pepper my car with small to medium rocks as this opportunity. At this time I also had the factory orange peel addressed! As Troy says, not cheap, however, the finished product is a work of art!
  15. Great track car candidate!
  16. I may have a decent/good headrest if you want one to protect the one with autograph (if you intend to drive this car?)?
  17. Not true as IUP came in either satin aluminum or charcoal aluminum I have one of each
  18. Excellent! I think I'd be looking for another hood and hang that one in the garage
  19. mach 1 1970 tried sending you a p.m., however, says you can't receive new messages.
  20. That's the problem with more horsepower, it's never enough no matter what you do as someone else will always have more money to throw at it. I'm perfectly content with both my SGT's (one for street one for twisty tracks) being NA.
  21. Very cool. What number did it have during its time at Miller?
  22. ECM, Engine/Trans harness, pedal assembly, Brake reservoir (may be able to modify the auto for the clutch hydraulic line). In the process of bringing back to life a flood salvage manual SGT I bought a crashed donor auto car. In the process I had to re-use the auto engine/trans harness by modifying it to work with the manual trans. However, would be much easier to obtain a donor manual harness since you'll also need the other donor parts. Easiest way to successfully make the swap is to obtain these items from same year Mustang (particularly the ECM and harness)
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