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  1. I will definitely be looking that up. I'm hoping to, in the near future, not only cut open the factory scoop but also put in the SS hood vents. When I get the stripes painted on is probably when I'll do the hood scoop swap.
  2. Man, I decided to stay stock hood, but this is seriously tempting!..
  3. If they're going to make us trade in the scoop to buy a new one, than I'd like to count myself as interested in one of those. I'm not in any hurry at all to get one, I'd just like a backup for when I open up the hood and get my stripes painted on.
  4. You've got one hell of a dealer if they do. Two different dealerships basically laughed at me when I brought it to their attention.
  5. I would not bother with a tune if you're basically stock. I've got headers and it's not a daily driver and I'll be getting my first tune probably in the next month or two.
  6. Is there a link for the scoop? I looked and didn't see one. Also, what would the price be on the scoop?
  7. Those are absolutely beautiful! I've been set on black valve covers, but those are seriously tempting. I think my OCD about keeping things clean would drive me insane with the white ones though.
  8. No, you don't need a tune. I've got the black version of that on mine and haven't done a tune yet. I really only did it for looks as I hate the stock intake hose, though I would imagine there are small gains as well given the design vs OEM. I did notice after I put it on that I could hear a little more intake noise when giving it throttle, but I like that.
  9. I used the Steeda inlet tube. I liked the subdued look of it, and the non-metal material won't retain as much heat. http://www.steeda.com/store/steeda-high-flow-inlet-tube-for-2005-thru-2009-ford-mustang-gt.html
  10. Hey everybody! I haven't been around for a while, I got married a month ago, doubled up on classes, and have been very busy at work but I'm family back to where I've got a little time for me. The next stage in mods that I'm planning is the Steeda charge motion delete plates. I've done a lot of browsing on different forums to see what people have to say, but I'd also like to hear input from anybody here who has put these on? For now I will just be using a canned tune from Bama/American Muscle. I'll be staying this route until all my mods are done. For now I've got JBA Shorty's and Steeda inlet tube, other than that still basically stock. My planned engine mods include under drive pulleys, FR throttle body, and FR hot rod cams.
  11. I've been pulled over once in the SGT, it was a legit pull over. I had gotten on it pulling out onto a main road and this expedition came flying up on my bumper. I'm thinking who the heck is tailgating me when I'm going this fast. Then my heart sunk as the lights flipped on. Pulled over right away, I was very honest and respectful to the officer and it also sounded like he was a car guy. He mentioned having driven Shelby's before and knowing how fast they are and that this wasn't the type of attention I wanted to attract in that kind of car. Praise God, he let me go with a warning.
  12. When you guys upgrade the radiator do you put a lower temp thermostat in as well and if so what temp?
  13. Not a bad idea, just be prepared for things like wind. When I was at school a few people had covers on their cars, but they'd either blow completely off or the guys who had the ties that go underneath would have the covers hanging off more than half the car. I figured out a method to strap the cover down so that it stayed on in 60+ mph wind and didn't damage the paint either. I got to a point where I could throw it on or get it off in just a couple minutes. This was all with my Cobra vert not the Shelby. It was nice being able to pull the cover off after a rain storm and have a nearly new looking car when everyone elses looked like crap.
  14. I clay bar, polish, and wax mine. I usually do just wax though on the whole car unless it's time for a full detail. I also keep my car covered and in the garage 97% of the time. I love driving it, but I just can't stand having it sit outside for that long as long as it has those awful tape stripes. I plan to go painted, but I'm doing all the engine mods before I do that.
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