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  1. Keep me posted, We would make the drive, done it before! Cameron, when did you part with your' 500? Mike
  2. Yes, my wife and I are planning to attend. Will run the drag races, but only on street tires, not driving 8 + hours on drag radials! Mike
  3. so did mine, but I am still not convinced!
  4. He stood for all that performance automobiles could be and could become. An Icom, a Leader, MY HERO!
  5. The spring perch rings are the only adjustment. If they are all the way down, then you are at their lowest setting. Mike
  6. Any other team shelby members going, would love to meet and greet at the track!!! If you want to hook up my cell is 334-75-8209. Mike and Jo Vaughn
  7. did you do a dyno pull with the manual tranny? I have not done one since I installed my 4r70w and was wondering what the loss was? Mike
  8. I did the same thing, nearly ripped the stock bracket out, the holes became elonigated.
  9. I've seen this April Fools joke before...
  10. good luck, I have dynoed 726 rwhp and can fry 325-50-15 MT drag radials at half track!
  11. look at www.completehydraulic.com . I've had mine since 2003 and have not had any major issues. It is a 4 post rated at 8,000 lbs. I also bought a bridge jack which makes the 4 post much more service friendly.
  12. wish I had done a 9" rear end....for the money I've spent on the 8.8 I could have and had change left over! Mike
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