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  1. Where do the cables go on the other end? Steve
  2. They're not in the FRPP (or FRPR) catalog anymore. Steve
  3. Sure sounds like bad battery/alternator behavior. The high charging voltage may be an attempt to charge a bad battery. You don't mention how old the battery is. Steve
  4. No, I'm not mistaken. Read more carefully. I said looking at it from the FRONT of the car. NOT over the fender. Steve
  5. On a 2007 it's in a trapezoid shaped plastic box on your passenger strut tower. In the box will be 3 or 4 relays depending on whether you have HIDs or not. The pump relay is the front left when facing it from the front of the car. When you pull the relay you will see a group of 3 slots and a group of 2 slots. Jumper the two slots to run the pump. Steve
  6. I believe that McLeod has one. As an aside, I've logged many miles without a clutch including commuter traffic. If you have to come to a stop, you turn the car off and put it in first.When you're ready to go you start it up, in first. Then you just feel the next gears in. Steve
  7. I saw your clutch #5 post. Maybe it's slipping more than you realize. Steve
  8. Yes, there is. On my 2008 I think it's 155. I don't know what speeds the other years are. It is, however, possible to disable it in your tune if you have one. Steve
  9. Check my thread with text and a drawing. http://www.fordgt500.com/forums/showthread.php?t=18875&highlight=brass Another owner did it with fewer fittings. He put the sender straight up rather than a right angle. The sandwich adapter will require a shorter oil filter, and just because it screws on doesn't mean it's the right filter. Steve
  10. Do you have the factory upper control arm bracket (sheet metal) or the Shelby (welded steel plate)? If it's factory the bolt for the control arm is 14mm and the hole in the bracket is 16mm. It moves and thumps. The solution is the welded bracket, or a special bushing that I don't know if anyone makes anymore. Steve
  11. My '08 doesn't have one, but it is listed in the Ford parts catalog. But what idiot would admit to the customer that he doesn't know what he's doing? Steve
  12. I took pictures. Need to reduce. Be back later. Steve
  13. It's on the exterior side. You can actually get to it through the fender well. If you crank the wheel hard right you can get at it without raising the car. Steve
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