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  1. I tried to bench test the fan in the car,.. and it did not work, but after I took it out today, and was able to test it out of the car it did work, I will change the relay, as well as the temp. sensor by the thermostat, as well as check the wires for a bad connection. Thanks, Steve
  2. My electric fan stopped working,.... on a 87 GLHS... any ideas on a replacement? Are they available... Can they be rebuilt? Thanks, Steve
  3. Whats a good oil filter to use for a 87 glhs, ? Steve
  4. Its not so much that the badge has any monetary value...it's this question...would you purchase a car for say 7k to 8k without one? Is it worth investing 5 to 6k additional on a restoration without a badge knowing that an original could not be obtained...It's a deep hole to be in for me at least...and knowing that the car could never be complete is daunting. Steve
  5. So basically buying a car missing a dash # is pointless as a collectable?
  6. I called the number on E-bay, he told me the reserve @ $17,500..., Steve
  7. Two questions actually, If a car is missing the # badge on dash, is any one making repros? and how do I varify the # of the vehicle? Steve
  8. Why is the 86 glhs omni more of a desired car than the 87? Steve
  9. looking for nice condition "garaged car" to enjoy 7-8k range...Ny.Nj..CT..Penn,,MA..can pick up... Steve
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