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  1. Ifya'll havent added me on Facebook yet, just search Jennifer Klaugh or try this link http://www.facebook.com/F8L500
  2. I will. Not sure how the internet situation is gonna be but Im sure I will be able to get on it at some point
  3. Still in the Army. I deploy again next month. Gonna be a TC in my truck on the convoy team this time.
  4. Split up right before Christmas. Sucked bad. Was mutual but losing the friendship is what has killed me. I'm over it now.
  5. It's going. Going thru divorce sucks! How you been?
  6. Good Morning everyone!!! Hope all is well. Sorry I haven't been on much. Been super busy and not the most social
  7. Sooo.........I'm gonna be in Vegas the 19th- 22nd of Dec I'm gettin a rental car so I will be hitting up Shelby! Super excited even though I no longer have mine :/
  8. Haha....I was about to say my dog is Novi, Paxton is Eddie's dog. I don't want power. The whole reason I went with the Edge was to not race
  9. I'm just trying to cheer myself up. I looked at all the things I can do to the new ride to make me like it more and I just end up getting frustrated.
  10. Sorry it took me so long to get back on here. Yes, that is the Edge I got. It's a new 2011 SEL with everything. Even has black leather I was looking at trucks and other cars but I would be itching to do mods so I went with something a bit different. All I want to do is lower it a little, tint the windows, Paint the grill and maybe get some 20's. All those mods cost less than one mod to the Shelby I also needed to get something I wont race. As many of you know, I got a racing ticket as well as a hefty speeding ticket. Luckily they didn't impound the car. I know it was stupid on my part but we all do things that are wrong, most of you just haven't been caught. There are also personal things that have come up. I'm saving well over 200 bucks a month just on the payment. I haven't went a day without crying over this decision because I miss my Shelby more than can be imagined. I did what I thought would be best for now. I just hope one day I will own another Shelby or possibly find mine again and buy it back
  11. I will stick around. I need all the moral support I can find! I'm just really down about it.
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