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  1. Buddy and I did the install along with McLeod RST clutch. Retained the FRPP CAI which required a custom tune. Rwhp 460 Rwt 443
  2. Purchased our Sgt summer in 2007, wasn't looking and actually didn't know they were being built. Was at our local rural Ford dealership for water pump r&r in our '96 F-250 powerstroke farm truck on a Monday morning. Saw a black Mustang in their used car lineup. Walked out and did a double take when I saw ShelbyGT on the rocker panel. Young salesman comes outside and said it was just traded in on Saturday by an older couple that had just driven up from Arizona to visit their daughter in Washington. The owner had difficulty getting in and out of his dream car, so he traded it on the spot for a new Fusion. The Sgt had 3,051 miles on it and they had purchased it 5 weeks earlier for $5k above msrp. I talked to the dealership owner who our family has done business with since they opened in 1953. I didn't have time to drive it plus my wife wasn't along, so he said I'll hide it in the back body shop until you come up on Saturday with your wife to drive it. Well we drove it and eventually bought it for $33k after juggling how to make it work with our youngest daughter still in college. So 10+ years later it's still lots of smiles per mile especially at the track, and like some here a few nice mods over the years. Stripes and hood scoop are original and without any issues:)
  3. Does anyone have pictures with the Carroll Shelby Social Director decals on a black SGT? Either silver or yellow or better yet, both Thanks! Larry
  4. Couple questions on installing the covers: When you guys installed the Shelby cam covers did you use new gaskets or reuse the originals from the stock covers? Just the allen head fasteners and flat washers, no other seals, o-rings or the like, correct? Also, wondering about the merit of installing new spark plugs given everything is already apart Only 12k since new plugs when I installed the supercharger but it was the spring of 2011 Primarily considering it due to the 2-piece spark plug Thanks as always for your help Larry
  5. I appreciate everyone's comments Thanks! Now to purchase new gaskets and get it done
  6. Bringing up this old thread, as I have a set of these cam covers on the way Did anyone receive the PDF instructions that Jer was compiling? If yes, please let me know Thanks Lg
  7. David It's genuine relief when the public forums & debates, parades, county fair, etc are finally over The last month will seem to take forever, but that too will pass Best of luck in the General Election! Larry
  8. Remove the front license plate and holder for track days I'll get a picture with them off too Lg
  9. I installed a tow hook designed by a Team Shelby member FordFan1 It uses the FRPP hook with his designed mount Mounts in the center just behind where a front license plate goes with no cutting of the bumper cover I will look for a picture if you like Uncertain if he may still have any available but I can ask as he's a close friend and in the Pacific NW too Larry
  10. Similar to Sam's install A friend and I did it at my shop Purchased an Edlebrock eforce tuner kit with smaller pulley & larger injectors from JDM Engineering which included a custom tune they did virtually Next up I took it to shop with a dyno to ensure all was safe and good to go The shop had to install a BAP for needed fuel delivery as stock pump maxed out around 5000 rpms Next was a Diablo Mafi as the stock MAF maxed out around 5500 rpms and couldn't handle the additional air flow under boost with the smaller pulley (something Sam didn't have to deal with as he is using the stock pulley which develops less psi) Finally the dyno shop built a new custom tune from scratch to deal with the new components added Zero issues several years and miles later If I did it over, I would use the stock pulley like Sam's install which would eliminate the need for the Mafi and wouldn't cause distorted output from the IUP on fuel economy Both Sam and I added a different clutch Have fun Larry
  11. Your Dawgs are definitely on an upward path and will be a PAC-12 contender under Coach Petersen My former boss is a big time Boise State alumni and was beyond upset when Petersen jumped ship to the UW It has taken WSU a long time to find their way out of the PAC-12 basement, who knows someday it may be their time Agreed that the current dynamics within PAC-12 football are making it more interesting every season
  12. Nice idea Do you have a picture of the logo for those of us who haven't seen it Where on the jacket and what size Thanks Lg
  13. At Oaktown ACE What is your UW plate number? I root for your Dawgs year round except when they play our Cougs:) ps GO COUGS!
  14. If you're interested I probably have one off our our SGT, it's a collegiate plate for Washington State University and the first one issued to the general public in that series WSU0002
  15. Same part installed here & like it (no clue how to post a larger picture)
  16. Phill I ordered the oil pan several weeks back but Shelby cancelled my order because they no longer have it. but I found out that it was a Moroso pan and the part no. Moroso offers a windage tray for their pan. Now I'm trying to figure out if it is similar or better than the stock baffle in the 4.6, which doesn't appear to be a windage tray. I'm thinking the 5.4 in your GT500 has a windage tray. What do you think about getting the optional part from Moroso. Thanks! Larry
  17. Thanks Phil and I appreciate your comments I'm nearly there on ordering the oil pan Larry
  18. Phil Thanks for sharing the details on installing the Shelby oil pan. I just found your posts this evening as I was getting ready to order the oil pan. But now I'm being cautious before placing the order. I'm guessing my SGT is for the most part very similar in terms of what has to be done. I'm not the mechanic you are but I do work on our cars and have installed the supercharger and dual disk clutch in my car with a friends help. Plus I installed the Watts Link solo, twice actually given the standard frame doesn't play well with the FRPP rear sway bar on our cars but the shorter Shelby version works fine. I would need to locate an engine support bar like you used but I should have everything else needed. On the plus side my shop does have a two post lift. I'm seeking your words of wisdom as to whether you'd recommend me tackling the oil pan install. Thanks! Larry
  19. Rob, You may want to check with Shannon. He has the Cooper RS3A's on his Bullitt and I believe he drives in all kinds of our wonderful PNW weather. Although I'm uncertain if they come in the size you may want for your GT500.
  20. Griots Garage glass polish is an option http://www.griotsgarage.com/product/glass+polishing+kit.do?sortby=ourPicks&from=Search
  21. Happy Anniversary and wishing you two many, many more!
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