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  1. I would be interested in the GLH headlight bezels if they're in good condition if you're willing to sell items separately. Please send pics to: steve.eiker@usfamily.net.
  2. I have one too in my car. When I bought my car the previous owner told me that he thought there was only 1/2 dozen of these in the 525's, but I don't know how well he was informed on that topic. Tim Pettijohn might have a better idea of how many were sold.
  3. Bryan: He says 1 0f 500 not #001. Do a little better reading next time!!!!!
  4. there was one for sale in duluth not too long ago. it might still be available.
  5. What's the difference between the Cosworth and the Hans Herman heads?
  6. Alan: I thought you west coast guys were working on SDAC-20 to be in CA or Vegas, what happened?
  7. yes and you're not allowed in here
  8. You could use a Wix or a Haisting filter. I believe the Wix has the same last 4 digits. I can't remember what digits are before it right now, but I do have some at home if you need the #'s.
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