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  1. I know cars are open to who wants what, but I do not understand why they went for so little. I know they aren't super rare muscle cars or racing cars, but really?
  2. I was able to figure out a bushing setup for the coil overs I mentioned in the other post. Also, I found the nippondenso alternator wiring harness and got it cleaned up and installed in the car. Tomorrow I should be able route it to the neon PDC already in the car. Here are some pics of the coil overs.
  3. I'll be updating this here soon. I am currently figuring out how to fit some Mitsu Eclipse coil overs to the rear of my car. Rich Bryant is a BC coil over vendor and he got the upper attachment part done. I have been working on finding bushings to adapt them in on the bottom.
  4. Yeah, guys, I....uh.....F-ed that one....lol. Sorry for the oops. Not a bad looking one though!!!
  5. I was wondering if anyone here at Team Shelby had seen this. I believe it may be someone trying to forge #001 or commiting fraud to get the price up. ebay link Sounds odd to me so i posted it here. thanks. Bryan
  6. I am interested in the items. Could you take some pictures of the items for us to see. I live in Akron, Oh but have family south of Chillicothe. I can come down to look at the stuff if I see anything interesting. Please let me know. Bryan
  7. Steve, what about a Shelby Lancer? They had the best lines of all the cars(this coming from a GLHS owner to boot!!).
  8. Both of those were cool. The first one is proof to the old school shelby guys that the Dodge products were Shelbys. Not trying to start anything, just pointing that out.
  9. easy come, easy go, I guess. At least I found out what was going on and didn't just reuse them. Time to find a machine shop.
  10. Decided to check out the big end of the connecting rods from the CB engine. One of them I checked was .002" out of round. Explains everything that happened. I was planning on having them resized anyway, so it only matters from an information standpoint. The other set of rods are in much better shape. So far only out .0005" on the one I checked. Should be getting the crank next week.
  11. How much did that setup cost? I like it and think my 86 S would look good with them. Probably go with a softer spring, as I'm not racing it.
  12. Good guess either way. I have heard about that guy on the net. Swears they are....lol.
  13. Sadly, this is where it ended. Rods bearings took a beating. Too much clearance plus some grit made the bearings throw their arms up and surrender. So now I have the 86 block in the garage waiting on a crank. Hoping to have it the end of next week. The forged Wiseco pistons from the 89 CB engine actually fit better in this engine(cylinder clearnace). The cylinder head, intake manifold and exhaust manifold got a good porting this time, not just a port match. I will also be making my own underhood wiring harness because I want to relocate some things and shorten some of the wiring. Plus the one in there is actually for a K-based chassis and is too long for the L-body. I should be getting half a floor pan from a charger to do a better job of repairing the rusted floor on mine. 6 classes in school have most of my time occupied , so working even slower than before...lol. Here are some boring pics of parts on the shelf.
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