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  1. I agree with "5spd07gt" on the Super Snake ones. These are also the same ones that come on "California Special" mustang Gt's and also the Shelby Gt. Drilling of the holes is optional by the way as you can just use the 3m tape provided. Get some adhesion promoter and you will be good to go. I also went with the quarter window scoops as well and the fit and finish is great.
  2. Yeah I'm gonna get the puller for sure when I decide to do it . I've read too many horror stories of pulley swaps gone wrong and with my luck I know I would be one of them. Looking forward to the dyno numbers. Thanks for the info.
  3. Thanks for the info Justin. I definately plan on going with VMP when I ready to pull the trigger.
  4. How much did it change the supercharger whine and did you get the CAI as well? The louder the better in my opinion and currently my SLP loudmouths drown mine out quite a bit. This is next on my list of mods.
  5. I realize this was posted months ago so hopefully you have figured out the problem. If not, you can try this. I had a similar problem when I first installed my SLP loudmouths. It was because I had the tips sticking out too far and it was causing a vibration or pinging sound at certain RPM's. It wasn't a solid connection as the tip was just on the edge of the exhaust pipe. I pushed the tips in another half inch or so and never heard it again.
  6. I finally learned my lesson after nearly fish tailing off the road a couple of times in frigid temps and traction control does little to help. It's crazy how differently this car behaves with temps below 40 or so and it's easy to forget sometimes, especially since most of us are use to our daily drivers that behave pretty much the same in all weather. I took it out a few nights ago when it was in the 20s and just barely got on it and I immediately felt the rear-end start to sway. I was immediately reminded that GT500+freezing temps=certain death. Gotta be super careful in the winter.
  7. I've had SLP loudmouths for a few years now and really like them. They are really not that loud when your just cruising around. WOT is a different story, but I don't think they are too loud. This exhaust does drown out the supercharger whine some, but I can definately still hear it. I took my hood blanket off which help bring some of it back. No drone that I've ever noticed and the tips look nice. I would go with deletes or the KR's possibly. Never heard the KR's in person but the videos I've heard sound good, especially with the added H-pipe. Here is some videos of mine, car is otheriwise stock.
  8. Try to find one with a build date of Sept. 2008 and after as they have the new flywheel. I have an 09 with the old flywheel but haven't had any problems yet in the 2 years I've owned it. The newer ones have much more forgiving clutch that feels lighter than 07 to 09. My clutch is stiff and start offs were tricky in the beginning, but I kind of like it now that I'm used to it. As for the navigation only the 2010s and up say "Good Afternoon" and have the Shelby Snake Logo. Mine will display the "Ford Logo" but that's about it and it will not play DVD's. I don't think you can get the Shaker 1000 and Nav. but I could be wrong. Mine has the Shaker 500 plus Nav. and it is plenty loud for me.
  9. Yeah it's pretty fun, I got up to about 120. It would be a blast in your KR plus you would do really well in the show as I've never seen one there before. There not too strict suprisingly and they don't even give you instructions before hand. The fine print on the form you sign says no passing but plenty of people do anyway, just not the pace car. You don't realize just how steep the track is until your on it. Feels like your gonna tip over almost. I have a new respect for nascar drivers now. Maybe next year...
  10. There is a few local shows this month but not sure I will make it out. Summit racing in Mcdonough has a show/cruise-in almost every Monday night during the summer around 6pm-8pm. It goes for the rest of September and it's usually a pretty good turn out and is free to enter. After September not much goes on until next spring. I'll keep you posted if I hear of any cool events in the future.
  11. They do it every Friday night from around June to mid September. Unfortunately Friday was the last night of the season. Sucks because it is starting to cool down at night and would be perfect for racing and the show n shine. It is a little pricey though, 20 bucks to race or show n shine, or 30 for both. General admission is 7 bucks to just watch the race. Maybe next year...
  12. http://s270.photobucket.com/albums/jj113/mrselfdestruct66/?action=view&current=gt500seq.mp4
  13. I have the Web Electrics and highly recommend them. I'll try to get a video of them up later today.
  14. Took my car to the Friday night drags/show N' shine last Friday. Didn't drag her but I took 2nd place in the car show and everyone who enters gets to do a couple of laps around the track. Ended up with 2 trophies as my wife took second place in her division with our 09 Mini Cooper John Cooper Works. Awesome night!!
  15. Yeah I agree about the poor quality material used in our seats. I am always extra careful and never have my wallet in my back pocket as I learned that lesson a long time ago. My seats are still showing wear at just over 3000 miles even the passenger side although I rarely have anyone ride with me. I may try to get Ford to replace the seat cover under warranty at some point too. If not , does anyone know where we can order replacement seat covers and what they cost?
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