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  1. I wish. I also wish I had a Mach 1 myself. Maybe in a few years or so...
  2. Thanks Doug! I think I'll take it easy right now on the speed. The Ford Focus isn't built for that line of work. As for drinking and driving, that will only happen if there is a water or soda bottle in the cup holder. Cruzin' n' boozin' is a major in my books.
  3. Okay Wick! I am 21 now! Turned it yesterday! Can I use it as a runway?
  4. Hey guys, my dad's Ford dealership just got in a used 2012 Boss 302. It is in excellent condition and was also detailed, so it is read to be sold. 6416 original miles on it. Owner rarely drove the car. Asking price is $39,985 If anyone is interested in the car, contact Joel Beja at 516-702-1951
  5. Not sure if anybody watched these, but thought I would share. Cool videos and the car sounds good! http://www.ford.com/cars/mustang/gal...eos-and-demos/ Also saw this awesome video too!
  6. Was browsing ebay and take a look at what I found for sale! Yes I also posted this in the classified section, but knowing how special the 427 program and how rare this package is, I had to post it in the TS section. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ford-Mustang-GT-500-SuperSnake-427-Pace-Car-2007-shelby-gt-500-supersnake-427-pacecar-one-of-a-kind-/231479803410?forcerrptr=true&hash=item35e5457e12&item=231479803410&pt=US_Cars_Trucks
  7. Just notified Jalopnik about the car. If they can write an article on a stolen 1000HP super bird/challenger that was eventually found, why not do the same for the Shelby
  8. Here are my babies. My dad's old Favilla F-5 which has to be 40+ years old now and my 2011 Gibson SG Special 60s Tribute. I used to play it though a Marshall Class 5 with a Boss OD-3 overdrive. Big mistake for selling it in order to get a Line 6 Spider IV. If I wanted a modeling amp, I should've went older and bought a used/discontinued Johnson Millenium JM150. Saw some videos on youtube with that amp and it just sounds 10X better than the line 6. Using the presets or your own, that thing sounds the same with or without distortion.
  9. I have been doing the same since 2010. Kind of phased out of it when I went off to college unfortunately, but still try to play every once in a while when I come home to visit. Performed a few shows in high school too. I really want to know how to play slide though. Something like Duane Allman or Derek Trucks when it comes to style of music.
  10. Congratulations! May the best be with the both of you for many years to come. :happy feet:
  11. Today is the day not to worry about being obliterated by asteroids or be frozen for centuries, but it is a day for us all to rock out hard. Die-hard rock fans are dedicating today as International Rush Day and to pay homage to band's 1976 album "2112." You all have a great International Rush Day and rock on my friends! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQEgZNqa8jE
  12. Seriously? Where's a mod when you need them?
  13. I think I know where to send my Shelby once I can get a hold of one. Congrats Van! Let's see the Camaro try to beat that!
  14. now THIS is what the 2013 Super Snake should look like. I really like it amigo. congrats! BTW, I thought the rear bumpers weren't compatible on the 2010-12s
  15. found this video of manny's car idleing. What exhaust are you using? it sounds awesome.
  16. Not to sound harsh or anything, but regardless of the road, 70 in a 35 is too fast. There may be a specific reason why that is the posted speed limit. Ezareth, I would like to see you fuel bill and how many times you fill up every week if you drive like that. Yes, I have driven through ohio and it a boring drive, but I still wouldn't do 90 all the way. this isn't Texas. Other forums like Viper and Corvette also enforce rules that you must obey all traffic laws and rules of the road as part of their conduct. Posting nonsense like this bragging about you driving 90 on the highway can get you into serious trouble. I am just stating facts and would assume that is also part of the Team Shelby conduct as well.
  17. Never mind about us having another GT500. We were duped by the Ford rep and are getting a Boss 302 instead. HOWEVER! If anybody is interested or know someone is interested in buying the car, please contact Joel Beja at (516)-702-1951
  18. Enjoy! :happy feet: http://www.shelbyamerican.com/2013gt500.asp
  19. I believe that is correct according to my dad who works at an SVT certified dealer. You take an online course and send one of you mechanics to be SVT trained. They are also doing an online course now for the Focus ST.
  20. They probably did that because they don't want people running around making GT350 clones and then selling them off as 350s. Because you can easily get the gt500 spoiler and diffuser due to them being OEM parts. Then have a decal or vinyl guy make the stripes. You could probably still get away with it using the RTR wheels as well
  21. What do you guys think? Had some time to waste and whipped this up. Before After
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