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  1. 2008 - 40th Anniversary, signed by Carroll
  2. My 08 is an early model. The clutch was fine, but chattered on occasion. So, I had the 3rd TSB done it runs fine.
  3. I haven’t done a tune only, but the KR is tuned to accept the TVS, so it’s tuned very well from the factory and all the monitoring works so you won’t throw a code.
  4. I just put on the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S for the KR. I have the 20” Alcoas on it so went with 285/35/20s on the back and 255/35/20s on the front.
  5. Hey, he turned a KR into something else. Yuck!!
  6. I just got my Team Shelby membership kit in last week and this had everything I wanted!! I loved the hat and T-Shirt and didn’t have to order the shirt later with my $10 gift card. Way to go guys!!!!
  7. The KR tune is 99% identical to the ProCal tune and the differences are insignificant. Both tunes are good for the TVS, throttle body and a little smaller pulley, 2.65 is the most I would go based on what Ive seen. I wouldnt add the injectors to this without a new tune though. The VMP tune works well too, but it turns off a lot and wont pass inspection.
  8. These wheels were never anodized. They came with a durabrite finish that allowed for no polishing and easy clean up with water and a light detail cleaner. Break dust and dirt will settle into the crevices and lettering. Also, the dura brite finish never looks fully polished.
  9. I upload my photos to photobucket. Once there I tap the image file number and it copies it. Then I go into the thread and paste this image number, maybe it should be described as an address, and when I submit the post, the image shows up. I hope that helps.
  10. I'm going to keep mine on the original Alcoa's. I won't drive on them, but I have the room and would like to have them for some reason :-)
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