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  1. Yes, like Dan said, just out the RP in and be done. Great stuff, no issues even with road race cars... Alex
  2. Color is called Gulfstream Aqua. Gorgeous color in person... Alex
  3. Great story, Bruce. What did the C63 run, as no one else will ask? Fantastic family time Alex
  4. The MKZ's are nice cars, but with the Ecoboost, they seem to never be able to get their advertised gas mileage....I have driven a few as loaners with the Ecoboost and the 3.7. an all wheel drive Coyote would be awesome... Alex
  5. That's David's Terlingua, he is a member here and I have seen the car several times at Terlingua. It is a beauty and a great price. Alex
  6. Thanks for the comments, my friends. Been driving it as much as I can before it gets too hot. Looks like the rest of the week will be in the high 90's and low 100's, so not much time left!! It really drives well and gets a lot of attention... All three of the cars were split up. Spent hours doing google searches and looking through my 2011 Boss registry book. I talked with the person who split up the collection, and he put me in touch with the person who bought the Boss 351. I called him and he put me in touch with the person he sold it to. Talked with him for 30 minutes and he may consider selling, but his price is about $25K too high in my opinion. He says he will email me some pictures. I am not using names or prices obviously as current owner of the Boss 351 doesn't want it broadcasted, which I can respect. Still have not got a call back from the person who ended up with the Boss 429, but I will keep trying. I have photocopies of misc paperwork for all 3 cars. Wouldn't that be something...being able to get all three cars back together again? Doubt I'll be able to afford the Boss 9 as I know what the guy paid for it.... I buy Boss 302, and now look what happens....this hobby is a never ending expense!!
  7. Seems as though things never happen at the right time.... Before my '13 Boss 302 LS arrived after the lengthy wait from ordering it in 2012, I was looking for a bookend for it in the form of a '70 Boss 302. Having owned 8 previous 69-70 Boss 302's, 2 69-70 Boss 429's , and 1 '71 Boss 351, I am pretty familiar with them. Obviously, my first choice would have been a '70 in Grabber Orange which is a very close match to my '13 School Bus Yellow. Each one I found were either priced in the stratosphere, wrong options, too rough, or projects which I do not have time for. I have looked at over 20 of them in the past 2.5 years, and no deals were made... Back in 2004 at the 40th Anniversary of the Mustang in Nashville, TN, I met an older gentleman that was the original owner of 3 Bosses, all white, and all really nice. 1 '69 Boss 429, 1 '70 Boss 302, and 1 71 Boss 351. Maybe some of you that were there saw them too. They were the nicest collection there in my opinion. I talked with the owner at length about the cars and he was very passionate about each of them and never wanted to sell. I gave him my card and asked him to please call me if he ever wanted to sell, or ever needed parts. Never heard from him and he has now passed, sadly, and the trio got broken up. Fast forward to last week. A friend of mine calls me and says I have a car you will want. A person in AZ bought the '70 less than a month ago and never told his wife. She was (needless to say) very mad she wasn't consulted with and then told him the car goes or her. On top of that, she told him that they needed to pay over $30K to help her brother who was sick ( with 2 kids) and in the hospital get his house out of foreclosure and the Boss and his rust bucket 70 Mach 1 had to go. When I saw the pictures, emailed to me, I knew it was the same car as I saw in 2004 at the Mustang 40th in Nashville. Even the incorrect, replacement starter solenoid is still on the car, and a scratch under the decklid I remember seeing is still present (both will get fixed). Needless to say, I dropped everything, wired the money (alot of it too, no great story of a great deal, unfortunately) and drove out to pick it up with my truck and trailer as I was worried I would miss the car. I could not get there soon enough, worrying the entire 4 hour drive that someone else would get the car (even though I paid for it in full) as I know how even when someone is paid, unfortunately in today's day and age, that mean nothing to some. I arrived at the seller's home, and started looking the car over, It was EXACTLY as it was 11 years ago. Not a mark or flaw to mention. All chrome and stainless is original and really nice. Paint is beautiful. Damn near perfect original Boss 302!! Although I didn't get my Grabber Orange, I don't feel like I settled with this car.... Original options: Shaker hood scoop, deluxe interior, Rim Blow steering wheel, center console, fold down rear seat, AM/FM radio ( AM in it now, but I have a '70 AM/FM), rear spoiler, front spoiler, sports slats (rear window louvers), 3.50 traction lock rear, wide ratio Toploader 4 speed with Hurst shifter, Magnum 500 wheels (still have the original Ford logo stamp on each), power steering (not on car, but I will re-install, as it is hard to steer at low speeds), tachometer, and clock. Most of the 7013 '70 Boss 302's built were strippo models with out these options, and many of the Boss 302's were raced, rusted, and since scrapped. It is hard to find such an original car that is all there still especially the original smog equipment and rev limiter which were the first things owners scrapped when new. Got the original window sticker, invoice, and sales agreement showing dealer installed Mach 1 hood locks. I am pretty sure original build sheet will be under the carpet, which has never been out of the car. Everything I have checked so far is date code correct and original to this car down to the carburetor, duel point distributor, exhaust manifolds, intake, block, heads, etc. On top of that it still retains the original clutch even with 53K miles and still holding strong. It has never been wrecked or rusted and retains all of it's original body panels including the hard to find correct rolled front fenders to clear the wider tires the Boss's came with. Car runs and drives really nice...no rattles or squeaks, doors close solid, engine is VERY strong and does not smoke like most of them. Not a single leak!! I am thrilled. I can't remember the last time I was so happy for a car. I kept pulling over on the trip home, just to look at it...LOL. Was pulled over twice by cops that just wanted to look at it, one wanted me to take a picture of him (at 2am in the dark) with his phone with the car. Pretty funny... Drove the car all day today with no issues. Much better driving that the other 8 I have owned and many of my other 60's and early 70's Muscle Cars I have owned before. I keep forgetting it is only a 4 speed though and keep wanting to shift into 5th or 6th like my newer cars...Won't be able to drive it much soon though as A/C wasn't available on any of the Boss's, so adding it will detract from the car's originality in my opinion. It is supposed to be back in the high 90's next week...UGGG Here are a few pictures:
  8. Nice pics Harald. Are you sure the 66 GT350H wasn't one of the 50 Ivy Green and Gold Hertz's built in 66? Hope you are enjoying your retirement, finally.... Alex
  9. Looking Great OCD!! Love the attention to detail... Alex
  10. All 8" rears are 28 spline. Moser and Stange both make nice hardened replacements that will handle 500+ HP. The 8" is a great rear, for 550 HP and less when built and more efficient than the 9", meaning more RWHP by 3%. Alex
  11. Wow, that is terrible. Its hard to imagine too, like someone else already said, that someone would use an open transporter to transport a Super Snake in that weather anyway? Alex
  12. I wish I had an update for you on this one, Steve, but I do not. Great to see you are searching for the "Lost Bunnies", my friend....with out you, there really would not be any registry to account for what has been built.... I wish I could find the pictures of another lost bunny that I had in my shop that David doesn't have the info on....came in my shop for maintenance and was pretty beat up with high miles a few years ago. Believe it was an 08, with black hood from Midwest....Miles around 75K at the time....pretty beat up. Dents, dings and scrapes all over... Alex
  13. What is Sharon asking for her Bunny? (Not on FB either) And David....this is the time to post yours.... Alex
  14. Nice!!! Have the same wheels (P40SC with brushed titanium) on my CLS 63. Original Forged 19X9.5 all around wheels weighed 25.5 lbs each. New ones 20X9.5 front weighed 19.75 lbs front, and 20X11 rear weighed 23.25 lbs. Doesn't sound like much, but reciprocating mass makes a huge difference in performance, RWHP, gas mileage, braking, rolling to a stop, etc. I feel many are ignorant when choosing wheels. They usually don't factor weight or forged vs cast. HRE makes great wheels. Strong, lightweight and forged, with durable, amazing finishes...but vry expensive and long wait. Been using them for 15 years on many vehicles, but be prepared to pay and wait.... and original 19X9.5 Forged wheels....
  15. Congrats, my friend. For some reason, I didn't feel you would end up retiring completely!! I wish you all the best in all and any endeavor you so choose. I know you will be the best at each and everything you choose to do. If you ever want to come to Palm Springs, I will find work for you. I know I couldn't get a better person to supervise my new museum and shop I am building!!! I learned so much in the few times I came to visit about cement cracks alone.... Alex
  16. I had the opportunity to meet Paul at an event a few years ago. We talked cars for a good bit, then I invited and showed him my collection of a few cars, then he invited me to see his (much more high end cars than mine!!). He had an amazing collection, and a story behind each and every one, which I appreciated. He spent a good amount of time showing pictures of his daughter, Meadow, who he was very proud of. He was very humble and a car guy, not at all caught up in celebrity which was a refreshing for me. Most celebrities I have dealt with are more into themselves than most other subjects. He will be missed by many. Alex
  17. Very interesting article, Rick. Glad she is getting put back together.... Alex
  18. It's going to be downright awesome with the Coyote in it Rick!! Can't wait to see it in Terlingua. Alex
  19. Reviving your build thread Ben, so you can see your build thread all over again, 3 years later after seeing your car in action last week at the Bash. Alex
  20. Ha Tom, I don't think so!!! I'l be there.....LOL See you all tomorrow. Alex
  21. Congrats Warren, Now we have a Terlingua transport wagon!! Alex
  22. I agree too that EBay fees are crazy...on average, my fees are over $1K per month, but you do get the best exposure, worldwide. I have also found too, for me, it is best to do Buy It Now auctions. I got really tired of listing items or vehicles that would get bid up, then the winner would not respond to emails, invoices, etc. With Buy It Now auctions, the serious will contact you if they want to make an offer, less than your asking price. Also too, you can make sure buyers have to pay immediately for parts, or make a deposit for a vehicle before it lets them complete the sale. Ebay doe charge fees on the selling price, the shipping cost, and Paypal fees. Figure a rule of thumb for something you sell for $500, that they will take 13%. I also do not put my phone # in my ebay ads as I get people that have no intention of buying anything, that just want to pick my brain. If someone seems serious when emailing a question, then I send my #. Craigslist I use for large items I don't want to ship, but 70% of the texts and calls I get are complete losers that are a waste of time. Many are scams, and many don't speak english. It is VERY frustrating. Even if I put in an ad for wheels, tires and caps that I WILL NOT separate, I kid you not I will get 5 texts from people that want to but the caps!! When I am parting out a car, as items sell, I update the ad stating all available EXCEPT.....then I will get 10 texts for pople wanting to buy what I already said was sold. It is hard to not get rude when 5 pople a day ask for what you already clearly stated was sold. Dupont Registry is very good for higher end cars over $50K, but still not as much exposure as ebay. Hopefully my extensive trial and error with selling stuff for 20 years helps someone here.... Alex
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