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  1. The 68 Shelby that Madonna bought Sean sold on Ebay about a year ago. Ha plenty of documentation. I tried to buy the car 3X over the last 10 years and missed it by 10 minutes this last time!! The title was still in Sean Penn's name. Alex
  2. That's what I am doing, but I am sure I will get teased about it....LOL!!! See you all next week....safe travels, all. Alex
  3. Awesome Dan, so you'll get to see your new toy before you leave for Telingua!! Alex
  4. Can't wait to see it in person Dan!!! I bet you're even more excited now. See you and Marji in Terlingua Alex
  5. Congrats Dan!! Margi is a wonderful woman!! What a great find with all original drivetrain. Honey Gold is a really nice looking color when done properly too. Here is my 66 GT that I just finished a ground up restoration that I am selling if anyone is interested: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Mustang-GT-Fully-Restored-35K-Nut-Bolt-Resto-1-Family-Owned-65-66-67-68-69-70-/281161661593?ViewItem=&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&item=281161661593&forcev4exp=true Alex
  6. Let's try the link again: http://s664.photobucket.com/user/vapor08GT500/library/Route%2066?sort=2&page=1 Total for me was 32 days, 25 states and 9300 miles. Longest trip I have ever taken!! Alex
  7. Going thru posts I missed.... Sean and Lauren, as expected, did an INCREDIBLE job of the Route 66 BASH. Here is a Photobucket link to my pics from time left to getting back to CA:
  8. It was great to see you and Margi in Dearborn, what a great trip for the two of you!! I just spent the last hour reading and looking at all your pictures. Great job ( amazing pics with comments on most!!!), but I feel awful that the SS got damaged in transport back....I hope Reliable did the right thing....they have shipped at least 500 cars for me over the years, and it makes me cringe seeing the damage done. If you need sticker material, I have 2 sheets of it, and will give you some. Hope to see you both at SMP show on Sunday....I just got back from my 32 day, 25 state, 9300 mile trip last Sunday....Loved it, and it is the longest itme in my 19 years of my shop to ever take anywhere close to this much time off...still playing catch-up, but well worth it!! Your pictures and comments made me smile. Alex
  9. Great pics Dan!!! Other than the rain, looks like a great trip so far!! I am so happy that you and marji are doing this together in the Super Snake!! Sean and Lauren arrived this evening, Ron tomorrow, then off the Santa Monica for the beginning of the amazing Route 66 Tour. Will see you in Dearborn...please be safe and keep the pictures coming!!! Alex
  10. Here's a set I have on Ebay with less than 50 miles on them. Complete SVT Performance Package wheels and tires. http://www.ebay.com/itm/281130416956?item=281130416956&viewitem=&vxp=mtr direct email Alex@MackenzieMustang.com Feel free to go through the other take off parts and vehicles I have for sale too Alex
  11. Can't wait to taste this one...LOL Going to have to bring some additivies!!! Alex
  12. Great!!! Keep on driving it too. I remember reading this post back in 08 and never added. My early 07 GT500 had 74K miles when I sold it to a local customer, I still work on it, and it now has 132K...still runs, and drives like it did on day 1, if not better...miles are not the issue, it is proper maintenance....it is WORSE to let ANY car sit with out proper maintenance!! Might I recommend a product called Pig Spit? You can buy it online. I have been using it for years on undersides, wheel wells, and engine boxes. I have cars that are 10+ years old, with over 200K miles that look better than most 5K mile cars...amazing...nothing sticks to it, it doesn't attract dirt, and works better than anything else I have ever used. Alex
  13. Sherri and Dave, no excuses...really, this is a trip that you NEED to do!!! Check out Terlingua, Shelby Run Europe, and others. Sean and Lauren ":Know what they are doing" It will be a blast!! Even if going from Chicago (Bill/Walt) DO IT!!! Alex
  14. Hi Chad, Remove the spring, Napa gold 5.1, flush the system...no issues at all, even in the heat and huge HP... Alex
  15. When Glen and (definitely) Lisa aren't looking for their, now 13 Shelby, it will just have to be done in GHIG!! Lisa still was worried the lst time their 07 was here.,,,I kept threatening YELLOW...absolutely!! But, as I said in another thread, Congrats, Warren!!! Color combo is awesome, and the 13-14's are downright...INCREDIBLE!!! See you and Andrea in Terlingua... Alex
  16. Pat (NJPat) l have used Jon Lund many times before.If he can't make the KB run right, then the supercharger IS coming off. I don't care if this is the first 13 Boss to get a KB, it has not run even close to right since it was put on when the engine and drivetrain was all stock. Ted ( tedj) Yes, KB as you saw at SEMA is still on. Car is not driveable and I am still amazed it made it to SEMA!! I probably own more,and have owned more KS supercharged cars that anyone else (16-18) and have a huge moral delema on this one. Their superchargers consistently make more power than the rest, are more efficient, and are smoother right off the bat. This one is terrible and has been since put on. Jon will make it all right, I am confident. If not, back to stock than the twins... It is SHOCKING my twin turbo 2013 CLS63 AMG made 535 RWHP on garbage 91 octane pump gas bone stock, and 745 RWHP with only a a tune, exhaust and downpipes on 91. I know, apples to oranges, but when you all make fun of me for other cars I own and have owned, there is a reason why I daily drive what I choose to daily drive. Every day of my life for the last 19 years I have driven Mustangs every day, either my own, or customers and still do and probably always will, I do love them for what they are and can be, but can I drive one as an only car, every day, as an only car with that kind of power, NO WAY. Alex
  17. LOL....my joking got some more action in this thread... Can't wait to drink some frozen "Alex's" in Terlingua!!! Alex
  18. LOL...no just kidding, Ted...didn't sell the Boss...Jon Lund is doing a new tune for it right now...
  19. Haha..I drove her in the pre teens,the teens, the 20's, the 30's, the 40's, and the 50's....she feels just as good as the the first drive (well better), now for the 13....and for the 93...she is just plain pissed and going backward in her senior years... Alex
  20. Due to my work schedule of my new business endeavors, I will sell my Terlingua tickets for 1/2 price. I can't justify going to Texas, putting 3000 miles round trip on one of my cars, being in the middle of nowhere, no cell phone service, spotty internet, the humidity messing up my hair, intermittent hot water, people clogging the drain with disgusting body hair, and dealing with BORING Mustang people....way too much!!! If my tickets don't sell by June 30th, I will sell them for 1/4 just to get rid of them....Mustang people and Mustangs are really just boring, poorly thought out, American cars, and the people that own them bore me... LOL....who'd I get this time? I wouldn't miss Terlingua if I was on my death bed!! If I died on it, I would instruct the corener to make sure my corpse still made it there!! The best, most fun, coolest event of the year!!! Quick bump for STFU D and Sean. Those of you that missed the mark AGAIN this year, sign up NOW for next year, or at least when you see the pictures of how much fun we have. REALLY, hard to believe that we become such good friends over our "Mustangs" LOL Alex
  21. Now that's a hot shot couple...congrats!!! Alex
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