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  1. I think so too! :happy feet: :happy feet: Thanks David :D
  2. Cool carrots!! Congrats! :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:
  3. Just found out about this....it is very bad news for TS. Enis is a wonderful guy who has helped me a ton with my car and TS related issues....I will miss him greatly and hope that whatever the problem is, it can be reparied....
  4. J&M is a top notch outfit with outstanding products....they are one of my sponsors and are great people to work with
  5. Winter? What's that? lol....just kidding...thinking of all of you from sunny SoCal....
  6. The Bash was fantastic! Good to see everyone there.

  7. Congrats! From everything I've heard, you will love it! :happy feet: :happy feet:
  8. WONDERFUL!!!! :happy feet: :happy feet: :happy feet:
  9. Congrats Tom...your car is well deserving
  10. Happy Birthday Michael! Wishing you a fantastic day...see you at the Bash. :happy feet: :happy feet: :party2: :party2: :party2:
  11. I know people all have their personal oil preferences and I respect that. I can only speak from my experience having used a variety of motor oils in a number of different cars and trucks. As of now, I only use Royal Purple in all of my vehicles, from the Terlingua to our Ford diesel truck. I like the company and their products so much, I actively pursued them as a sponsor for my Terlingua and I'm happy to report they are one of my biggest sponsors. At Terlingua this past year, I had a major over heating problem during the "all out speed" event. The folks at Royal Purple recommended I use the Purple Ice in both the radiator and the supercharger cooling system along with their racing oil for the engine. Since then, I have seen a noticeable reduction in the cars operating temperature, and sure wish I had it in during the Terlingua event. Royal Purple sells nothing but top notch products and I highly recommend them.
  12. I meet and talked with Joe at several shows in SoCal, and this past SEMA show. He was a very nice person and had a wealth of knowledge about our cars. This is so tragic. My prayers are with the family.
  13. Wishing you a wonderful birthday! :party2: :party2:
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