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  1. Spotted two not on the list for sale on Cars on line. CSM 3386 only had picture of exterior and Dash plaque displaying CSM 3386 has Premium package due to CSM plaque on bright dash plates. Has Chrome wheels that came on the White Shelby GT's. No other details without emailing the seller. Also CSM 0190 only details 7,700 miles. Exterior picture only. Has Black Razor Wheels.
  2. Just noticed a Black 07 Shelby GT on Ebay. CSM # 5617 California Edition Package. Has the Gauge Pod Has been wrecked and now has a salvaged title. Being sold with parts to potentially fix. 5spd car / Non Premium trim. Looks to be all stock. 9,856 miles. Car is in Canada With only 202 of these equipped with the Cal Edition Pkg this makes for one less with a clean title.
  3. Looks to be three Shelby GT's for sale on Ebay. Did not have the time to check against the listfor new #'s
  4. CSM 4855 Was spotted today in Northern California Black 5Spd IUP Nor Cal Package This is 39 CSM#'s added to the Black List
  5. CSM 3952 is for sale on Ebay 5 spd Dk Interior Lots of Mods Supercharged Is wrapped in Gulf Colors
  6. That's three in one night added to the list.
  7. CSM 0973 For Sale on EBay Black 5 SPd IUP Upgraded Shelby Int with SIlver Inserts 7,557 miles Chrome Razors Big Brakes in Front Drilled and slotted front and Rear Sirius Sat Radio Rear Spoiler added Lower Grille Installed For sale at a Dealership in Colorado
  8. CSM 1530 for sale on Ebay Black with Dark Interior 5 spd Navigation IUP 84,800 miles with no current stripes
  9. CSM 4613 is for sale on Ebay in North Carolina Black 5 spd IUP Shaker 500 58,389 miles Appears to be all stock in exception for upgraded 2008 Hood pins
  10. Yet another for sale on EBay CSM 0473 Black, Dark Interior,5spd Looks to be all original with 4137.2 miles
  11. CSM 1401 is for sale on E Bay Black with Dark interior, IUP, 5spd, Shaker 1000. Edelbrock Supercharger installed. Florida
  12. Not all of them but three more. CSM 1607 5 spd, Dark interior, 83,462 miles (For sale on EBay) CSM 3403 5 Spd, Dark Interior, IUP, has been supercharged 52,019 miles (For sale on EBay) CSM 5511 5 spd Dark Interior IUP (For sale on Ebay)
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