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  1. I have used the PlastiDip clear spray on my 2008 with gloss stripes and it did change the look of the stripe, made mine look matte. I only used it temporarily for a long trip to keep bugs and junk off. It doesn't hurt the stripes any and it comes off with no problem.
  2. I have used them, no problems at all.
  3. Great times in a great machine.. Glad the leak was nothing serious. I want to take mine up the Blue Ridge Pkwy next month.
  4. That stinks for sure. I am willing to bet an experienced upholsterer can take care of that with no problem. I had a similar thing with my 08 and the dealer had their upholsterer fix it and I couldn't even tell it was scratched. Never had a problem with ever showing up again.
  5. I am not familiar with Diablo's abilities. I have used SCT tuners on all of my cars, never a problem and SCT's new X4 is awesome.
  6. Cooler temp will def help. Mine was done with temp in the high 90's with very high humidity I wouldn't worry too much about it, those are good numbers considering the drive train power loss. Put a 2.4 pulley/cai/TB on it and you'll enjoy it even more lol
  7. Go to http://k-mansparts.com/ they sell oil change kits for our GT500s. A whole lot cheaper to order from there and change it yourself.
  8. My 2014 baseline dyno was 535hp, very hot day here in FL so I'm sure there was a loss from heat soak, just don't know how much. After installing a 2.4 pulley/130mm CAI/177mm monoblade the car made 656hp and also a hot day so I'm sure it would be more on a cool morning. It really screams so I can't complain lol. I will definitely have to do some cooling upgrades.
  9. Darn, If I had a bit more notice I could have taken off from work. I would have enjoyed this get together. Hope you all do another one.
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