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  1. Saw several from TS there on Friday when I was there. Searching and not finding any pics. Hoping others can share any pics they have.
  2. Great to hear you're driving and enjoying it. Love the stripe-less white too! Been there with the lifts/clearance and mishaps/bad luck. Agree it is a great value for the money and think you got a good price too. What's all done to the car? Mostly stock?
  3. I'm in Reading area with a 12 GT500. Would like to meet up for some meets. Especially now that the snow and rain has stopped for the time!
  4. There is a ton of knowledge on here and find something new all the time. When I was shopping for a 11-12, and found the car I now own, I did tons of searching on this color combo. There isn't a whole lot about them and I've searched a lot. It still isn't my ideal color combo, but it has grown on the wife and I and won't be doing a stripe delete on it as initially had planned. So it turns out that in 2012 there were 50 of this color combo made: Kona Blue with Race Red/Ingot stripes and only as PP car. There's 38 coupes and 12 convertibles for 50 total. (2011 was 88 Coupes and 16 convertibles) Just curious if there was anything else to this color combo as it really isn't typical. I'm aware that it's not rare, and didn't buy it for that reason or even expecting that any of these GT500's will be valuable down the road. I just was curious if this was some sort of limited edition that was planned or just something that they felt they wanted to do.
  5. Picked up my 12 about a month ago. KB with SVT PP and Recaro's. Have a MGW2, and VMP pulley, JLT 123, and tune incoming.
  6. Late to seeing this but what an awesome gift!!!!!
  7. Little late seeing you now have it, but past owner didn't want any of the stuff I had when I rented it. Have some video of me racing it. Ran better times then the magazines lol! Some pics of driving around Florida, etc. Was rented from Tampa airport.
  8. I also have a video of me racing it at Bradenton and lots of pics. I have the time slip some where as well...
  9. I rented this in February of 2007. I have pics and even raced it at Bradenton Raceway to a 13.7 at 99mph. I rented it from Tampa. Here's my post from after the trip: http://forums.bradbarnett.net/showthread.php?t=448556 Sad to see you're selling.
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