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  1. Has anyone swapped the OEM system for the BILSTEIN coil-over B16 ride control COIL OVER system? Is it a plug in? Where did you buy?
  2. I know of someone thinking about doing the oposite after being disapointed with the Whipple output. I think it has to do with the tune mainly. In both cases. Before swapping anything I would make sure the tune is right.
  3. A hyper boosted Eco Boost would be lightweight and balanced!
  4. This is a very nice pair of cars! Love the traditional White and blue stripes Shelbys. VERY NICE.
  5. I have one on my 2012 and thought about having one for my 2014 as well... BUT It rubs against the hood insulation. I suspect it even preloads the hood a bit against its latch. It is nowhere as rigid that I can possibly believe it does anything to the chassis It is just a nice and good looking piece of equipment... It is FAR from the KR type that I had on my 2007 and which was a very solid brace.
  6. DO IT RIGHT OR JUST DON'T DO IT. Especially when the bidding is to start at 125K...
  7. upgrading the blower makes a huge difference... VMP-TVS or SVT-TVS
  8. Like the video! Like the sound AND the music... Next time have also someone shoot you when you pass by :-) You kept the OEM track pack rims I see. What Michelin sizes do you have?
  9. Hi all, The first parts I bought for my still new 2014 GT500. Amazing parts! KILLER looks. MUCH lighter weight. Outstanding customer service. Best packaging ever (and that counts big time when you are overseas). http://fulltiltboogieracing.com/2013-2014_Shelby_Brake_parts.htm Cant wait to get my new wheels to try them out. PS: No the engraving is not photoshop; it's real
  10. Hi Malc, Do you have black bushings on your Whiteline kit? I need to make it OEM looking and the yellow I have just does not do... Do you have the Whiteline contact as well? Thx a lot! Patrick
  12. What tire sizes did you mount on these? Is the black finish powder coated or anodized (or else)?
  13. Have a green one since mid 2013 and it works great on my TVS. It feels stiff, I agree. At the time, no blue was available.Blue would look better. Green is not really suited to our cars... :-)
  14. The full tilt boogie engraved set looks neat! I'd take them! I did not know DBA were doing the 15" for the late GT500...but have them in 14" and they are excellent.
  15. Keep one 13-14 GT500 (and a Boss LS) and buy the GT350...and the next GT500 You just need a larger garage.
  16. I have the same Michelins on my GT500 They are excellent tyres. If you track a lot try the Pilot Sport Cup 2 I have them on my Boss. They are almost like slicks
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