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  1. You guys are a great bunch. I love how you care about eachother so much. I just talked to my wife, she said the owners wife name is Karen Robertson, and she thinks the husbands name is Doug, or maybe Don, but she thinks it's Doug Robertson. He is ok thank god and at least the wife wasn't in the car at the time of the accident
  2. Not sure if it was anyone on the board. I just joind today to share this sad story. I will find out from my wife tonight what the name of the driver was.
  3. What are these rare beauties worth anyway? I know a stock gt500 is at least 50k but this one is not a stock gt500, is it? I didn't get any pictures of the VIN, dam!!! I am sorry guys, wasn't thinking. Milton
  4. Hey Guys, New here. Just wanted to let you all know that last night while I was sitting and watching TV I heard a LOUD EXPLOSION, I ran outside to find a 07 SHELBY TERLINGUA smashed into my brick fence along side my house. The owner was not hurt but totaled out this beautiful rare car. He just had Caroll Shelby sign the dash three weeks ago. The driver was assumed to have been drinking, not known for sure. I have pictures of the wreck, I will try to attach them if I can figure it out. Milton
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