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  1. I was really happy to get hold of a hood so I'm glad they sold the parts. But I also understand that it kind of sucks for KR owners. I personally think these parts, after they're gone, will be worth a ton of dough. But it will probably be 40 years from now and we'll all be dead
  2. I do computer modeling/animation for my job so I was tinkering with a spare set of vents that I have. Anyway, I'm thinking about doing a 3d print of these, just don't know how many people would be interested. If you guys are, let me know.
  3. I can guarantee you that ALL of the KRs will have issues with the driver door leather over time. It's a problem with every 2007-2009 The adhesive Ford used dries up and the leather starts to pull away. Very simple fix... some of this stuff Loctite Concrete adhesive And it will never come off again. Here's a youtube vid He uses some spray stuff... but that stuff doesn't last (ask me how I know ) The front spoiler is a different issue though... that sucker will cost you quite a bit to replace... over 1k if I'm remembering correctly.
  4. You are getting screwed on the parts Clutch http://parts.autonationfordwhitebea...at/clutch-and-flywheel-scat/?part_name=clutch $519.21 Flywheel http://parts.autonationfordwhitebea.../clutch-and-flywheel-scat/?part_name=flywheel $172.95 Slave http://parts.autonationfordwhitebea...draulic-system-scat/?part_name=slave-cylinder $178.19 Pilot Bearing http://parts.autonationfordwhitebea...ch-and-flywheel-scat/?part_name=pilot-bearing $9.35 Bolts (need 8) http://parts.autonationfordwhitebearlake.com/oe-ford/f6zz6379aa $20.48 Bolts (need 6) http://parts.autonationfordwhitebearlake.com/oe-ford/n808969s100 $15.78 Totals $915.96 This is for the 2012 clutch which is what I run in my car. You can also run the 2013 clutch. The 2013 clutch is http://parts.autonationfordwhitebea...at/clutch-and-flywheel-scat/?part_name=clutch and costs even less at $392.84 Labor is about right... it's a bitch of a job. Also to note... once you have done this conversion the only part you'll need in the future is the clutch I'll be going with the 2013 clutch at $392.84 when I need a replacement. 400 bucks is a HELL of a lot cheaper than any aftermarket clutch available. I have over 600 hp on a TVS BTW and it drives beautifully.
  5. Cutsie has A LOT of Shelby stuff... I'm guessing he either has a source or just somehow finds deals and sells them for a profit.
  6. I think 32k is right where you want to be... plenty of cars go for that price and yours is a fairly unique color combo and it's in great shape so I think that's a solid number. I've seen them go from 28-34 but it really depends on mileage 11k miles is nothing on these cars but yes there are people who want one that has 2k miles or something so I think 32 is a good price. Also I'd put it on Ebay. The last two cars I bought were on Ebay. Shipping the car is no big deal and it's on the buyer anyway... you'll sell it fast on Ebay I would imagine.
  7. At 42k I don't think it's going to move unless you get someone that wants your exact car, color combinations, interior, etc. About 10k too high. Awesome car though.
  8. I have one in a box in my closet... last set I saw went for a lot though so not sure what you're looking to spend.
  9. I don't know how this became a tubular K Member debate... I find it odd that people feel the need to convince someone that their purchase is correct for everyone. Can't it just be enough that it's something you prefer? I don't like mushrooms either... but there are a lot of people that think I'm crazy and that mushrooms are great should I now decide that they are correct? Your car is blue... mine is grey... should I get a blue one because that was your choice? You see what I'm getting at here? I see posts CONSTANTLY about aftermarket parts. "Which clutch is the best?" That's a particularly good one... where one person will say Spec is just like driving a stock clutch... then another will say it's horrible and that a McLeod is great and so on and so on and so on. (BTW I bought a McLeoud clutch and hated it for the record...on several forum recommendations) I'm sorry if I offended you with my tubular K member remark. And yes I've ridden in and driven an S197 car with a tubular K member. It's noisy it creaks like all get out and no I didn't like it... and no I wouldn't put it in my car. My car is a daily driver, I personally couldn't live with that racket every single day. But maybe your car is a weekend toy... or maybe you go to the track or maybe... maybe... etc. Like I wrote before... everyone is different and everyone has different needs and tolerance levels. I can't stand noises... they drive me crazy... but what drives me crazy others might not even notice. So... there ya go.
  10. I guess to some a tubular K Member is fine... but to me, and many others, it's way too harsh compared to stock. Everyone is different, but I would never drive a car with a tubular K member.
  11. This makes me sad on many levels. Basically it's a race car now. That BMR K member will make that car horrid to drive on the street. I guess if someone wanted a purpose-built race car then ok? But even then... you already know it's been beaten to death and those 5k miles are probably the hardest miles that could be recorded on the odometer. Sad
  12. One thing I've found with bodyshops over the years... and it applies to almost anything as well.. you get what you pay for. People will say, "Oh yeah "X" does great work but they're WAY too expensive!" Well the reason "X" does great work is because they take the time to do it correctly, which generally translates to more expensive. Check the internet, yelp is a great tool to read what other people have to say about a particular body shop and their services. Even if someone gave you a recommendation, check. It's very possible that after your repair there will be issues. So you don't want to go with someone with poor customer service. Looking at your damage, you may have an issue with the door gap/shut. If they don't repair it correctly you might get some wind noise because it's not sealing properly... not to mention leaks etc. Take your time, make sure you get the RIGHT shop. Good luck.
  13. Your clutch is hydraulic so there's no way to really adjust the height like you would with say a cable clutch and quadrant. I suspect there may be an issue with your clutch if it's not engaging properly.... which sucks :/ I ran a McLeod in my car after many recommendations from forums. I'll never run one again. It lasted less than 30k miles and rattled like hell the entire time. I now have a stock 2013 GT500 clutch in the car and it's awesome.. AND quiet!
  14. From what I can tell the "durabrite" finish is basically a type of clear coat. Just have them re-clear it and you'll be fine. Mine didn't have black letters either. But yes they do GET black from brake dust.
  15. Yeah you can't adjust the arrow... you can adjust the SVT shift light, but different thing entirely
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