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  1. Hey guys, Been awhile since I've popped in and posted anything here, but I seen this last week or so and it reminded me of the forum. lol. Thought this was interesting, a car built buy Retrobuilt, but decaled up as a Terlingua.
  2. I haven't seen any haulers at all at my store. I will keep watch though.
  3. Same here, it was the only real Shelby that could have made its way into my budget. I was really hoping to be able to grab one of these, wish they still offered them, I wanted a red one. Oh well, things change I guess, time to start saving for that GTS package.
  4. I have only seen one Terlingua one, and it is red. I have that one, if I had two I would part with one. Your best bet would be to find them online somewhere. Here's a minute of searching, eBay seems to be the best bet. http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-SHELBY-TERLINGUA-MUSTANG-SHELBY-COLLECTIBLES-RARE-/150402197991 http://www.ebay.com/itm/Shelby-Collectibles-2008-Shelby-Terlingua-Mustang-Black-/250626715067?pt=Diecast_Vehicles&hash=item3a5a842dbb#ht_500wt_1287 The Terlinguas and the GT-Hs seem to be the hardest to find, I'm just lucky I got mine in red.
  5. Came back from work today with all of the Shelbys they put out last night. The red and blue 2011 GT350, Blue 66 350, and the red 67 350. Cleaned them out.
  6. I work at TRU, so I will have to keep an eye out. I was going to get the last of the Hertz release, but they were bought up before I got off work. I'll be checking overstock to see if there is anything else new and buy them as well.
  7. Oh, that sucks. Too bad you still can't have them build one for you. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Hey guys, It's been a while since I've posted here, but I've came out from hiding. Can you still buy a 2005-2009 V6 and send them for the Bunny Package? It isn't listed on the Shelby Website anymore, so I just wondered. Thanks!
  9. That Vert went through a lot of Changes and it really looks good!! Nice!
  10. The new hood and hood pins are on. We also added a BBK Cold Air intake. Still some more stuff coming.
  11. Nice cars, love that red 5.0. Our GT is currently undergoing some changes, I will post pics hopefully by the end of the week.
  12. I just got the new Magazine....I noticed that it says "GT350 Poster in side" and the poster is a 2011 Super Snake...was that an accident? I thought it was kinda funny...though still wanting that GT350 poster. lol.
  13. Nice wabbits everywun, keep em comin..
  14. "Shhh....be verwy verwy quiet......I'm hunting Wabbits!" Your cars look great, so let's get some pics! Remember, the bigger the better!
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