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  2. I certainly am no mechanic, but I too had this happen when I bought another brand hood strut kit. I fought the things forever trying everything I could think of to "compress" one so I could get it on. Then I realized, very slowly realized unfortunately, that the hood would rise open more than it was sitting on the hood prop. I lifted the hood hgher until it opened far enough that the strut easily popped on with virtually no effort. Don't know if this is the same thing you are looking at, but it kinda sounds like it.
  3. Can't miss the bandwagon.....
  4. I saw some of these black signature vinyl stickers last year on one of the Shelby's displayed at the NASCAR race at Las Vegas. Does anyone know where they can be bought? I have not had any luck finding them.
  5. Yep. $79. I can take the one's that were in the car when I bought it out of the safe deposit box, remove the temperature control air bubble, and use them to put my perpetually wet Washington state feet on them without feeling I am tromping on a Mona Lisa-level treasure. Ok, so I bit over the top. But these were like gold wrapped in platnium just a few days ago. some made a real 'killing" on eBay. It is great seeing the Shelby Store providing this sort of support for those of us who like to show the car as orginal as we can, without it looking too worn.
  6. This is great! I had an opportunity to attend last year, courtesy of the folks at Shelby Autos and their "ticket contest". Has anyone heard, or perhaps someone from the "staff" could respond, as to whether there might be an opportunity like last year"s or if there might be a special area available for TS member's purchase?
  7. Same with me. I have the bracket and added the lower grill from SPP. It all fits ok, but I don't think I could easily get the bracket off now.
  8. I mirror the feelings and experiences outlined above. The tickets provided me with an experience that was absolutely positive and top notch from start to finish. All of the employees and staff at the race venue (You all handled the three day crush in great style, I was drawn to the trailer several times for "just one more thing-you all were very gracious and helpful each time), Shelby Museum, Shelby Cafe and SPP were excellent! I bought my SGT in November, and everything associated with that purchase has been a great experience. Having the race experience and ability to come down and see all of the related things associated with it was icing on the cake. Thanks again for making the week a memorable one for me. One problem though...all the must have stuff I bought made my suitcase overweight!
  9. After I started this thread, I emailed and called about the grill being too long. So, SPP was aware of the “problem” the day I started this. I was able to get mine to fit by shaving @1/8" off each side of the grill opening with a Dremel. I figured after waiting 2+ months to get one, it could be even longer to get a replacement. I was down in Las Vegas for the race so I stopped by SPP and told them about the problem. Plus, I had more parts to pick up. I was told that the grill should have slipped right in without modification. Anyway, SPP (which is Scott Drake) has a new company making the grills and it looks like they are just about 1/4" to ½” too long. There is absolutely no way to "force them in" without either shaving the sides of the grill opening, or cutting down the grill. I would not do the latter, and shaving the grill opening was not that big of a deal.
  10. I could not tell from the web pages, but is there a store selling the parts for Shelby Performance Parts in Las Vegas? I'll be down for the race and if there was a retail store I had a few things I wanted to pick up vs mail order. Thought I read somewhere on here that there was a parts store, but it was somewhat limited.
  11. I don't know in mm. But across the front, following the curve, it is just slightly less than 22 1/8". That is the longest measurement. All of the horizonal pieces are the same length.
  12. Did you just receive it from the last batch? Mine just arrived Thursday.
  13. I just received a new lower chromed grill from SPP for my SGT. But, the horizontal fins seem to be just slightly longer than the lower opening. I tried flipping it every way I can think of, but the fins will not fit inside of the vertical black plastic pieces on each side of the lower opening. I can center it so that the fins are slightly behind the vertical pieces on each side. I can't believe that is how it suppose to fit. Is it? Am I doing something wrong here? Usually when so confronted I adjust by hammer or other persuader, but there's not enough room for that here. It looks like it should be a real easy install. Any ideas?
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