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  1. When properly installed, your MGW GEN2 GT500 shifter should be very close to the OEM unit in terms of NVH. - The crossmember can be installed incorrectly, as mentioned above. It is marked to indicate proper orientation. -The rear mount can be installed incorrectly as well. The plate should be at the rear when in place. If it is facing forward it can or will make contact with the rear of the shifter body and make an audible noise. Beyond that, I'd verify that the clips on each arm that attaches to the transmission from the shifter are locked into place, the bolt attaching the shifter rod to the transmission is properly fastened, and that the bolt at the bottom of the transmission (the one that passes through the rubber/steel mount on the crossmember) was loosened and allowed to neutralize during the bolt tightening sequence. Otherwise you'll have preload condition at the mount, something that can lend itself to vibration. Out of curiosity, when you say "they felt the vibration"....are you feeling this through your seat, the floor, or is your hand on the shifter ball when it is "felt?"
  2. Looks like your world has been turned upside down.
  3. I always found it interesting the way the R/S/CJ/BIW "vehicles" were sold. http://fordperformanceracingparts.com/parts/part_details.asp?PartKeyField=11687
  4. I said nothing about things being "known and repeatable" or "tolerable margins of error." I fully understand that. I pointed out the factory data as per service and Motorcraft. You can argue with their calibration listings all you want - they are what they are.
  5. If you spend some time on Motorcraft's service site you can look up calibration information for each respective year. You are indeed correct about there being multiple calibrations in a single year. Here's a link to a page that'll allow you to fill in the requisite fields to see. http://www.motorcraftservice.com/vdirs/PCMflash/default.asp?pageid=calibration_pub&gutsid=calibration_menu ON EDIT...note that you can enter MUSTANG, MY16, 5.2 and see the calibrations (to date) for the upcoming GT350.
  6. I'd love to hear them answer this one. As I wrote last year at SVTP...
  7. Good to hear! To be clear, that second shaft you purchased came from Tasca, correct? Either way, I'm glad you got such a good price. Great looking car too!
  8. Quite a few are union carpenters too!
  9. Note to TS management- Rethink your management style. This is a rather poor way to thank those that donated time on your behalf.
  10. Heavy handed moderating often results in achieving the opposite of what was originally intended. Unless blatant, the better choice is to let a man be judged by the words he chooses to use as opposed to the watered down version that may be chosen for him.
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