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  1. Agreed. Maybe a different weekend than NASCAR too . Also, there is a new track just south of The M set to open soon called Speed Vegas. Maybe TS could work something out with them. Although Spring Mountain is hard to beat.
  2. I attended the Laguna Seca event 8/28. The event was amazing as were the cars. Now just need to find a dealer who will sell without ADM. The one bit of info that was promising ( direct from the mouth of one of the Ford reps ) was that the 350 will continue to be built for at least another model year if not longer.
  3. Dealers here are 20K over for GT350 and 50K over for GT350R. Got calls from 2 dealers to see if I was interested. NOPE !! And I agree, wait it out, the ADM's will disappear. 17 or 18 GT500 would be awesome. A certain someone had a post elsewhere suggesting a 5.0 twin turbo version of GT500. Same power plant as in the new Cobra Jet. Just have to wait and see.
  4. Congrats !! Car looks amazing.
  5. White with red, same combo as the car. Just my 2 cents worth. Nice vert by the way.
  6. Couldn't agree more. And maybe put the third day back into the bash. Can never get enough of a gathering like this.
  7. Try Rally Insurance Agency. They are in Illinois. Offer great service and rates on stated value. Haven't asked about the seasonal insurance as I don't need it, but am sure they would be straight with you.
  8. jnf

    New 2017 Cobra?

    5.0 twin turbo 780 HP. Works for me !!
  9. The trip from the strip to Spring Mountain is not that bad. 45 minutes to an hour tops ! Watch speed from the strip to the last traffic light on Blue Diamond rd./ SR 160, and then again once you hit the 4 lane 70mph zone. NHP and the locals will most likely be on the hunt. And that 4 lane 70 mph zone is very easy to hit 100+ on.
  10. Love my 07. Ordered the way I wanted it and not selling. Would consider a GT350R to keep her company in the garage.
  11. Sorry guys,,,,,,,I like everything about the car. As for the SA offering, twin turbos would make sense. Or a blower. Then you have the best of both track worlds. 1/4 mile and road course. As for the color, I like it but am biased towards white with blue stripes.
  12. If I voted for him, I wouldn't be bitching !! I know how to lie in the bed that I made. Something that most in Washington cannot say. Honestly, I don't understand how the guy is still in office. Have many more thoughts on this, but this not the place for them. And, Rob, it covers my spouse as well. But is mediocre coverage at best with high deductible and no vision or dental. I am just shocked over the 70% increase.
  13. I am waiting on a couple of return calls from a few agents that I know locally to see what they can offer. Have a feeling that the responses will be universal, but am hopeful. Not really willing to pay almost 15K per year for the next 12 years until medicare kicks in. But in 12 years that may be taken away too. I keep hearing Obama say how the private sector is doing well and adding jobs and growing the economy. With health care insurance costs are going up by 70%, he may have to change his tune. And,,,," If you like your current plan, you can keep your plan ". Let me get my big bullshit shovel out !!! Obama,,,,, the biggest mistake in this country's history. Sorry to anyone who might actually like him.
  14. ^^^^ +1000000 I am self employed. Never received a notice of increase from my health carrier and went online on 12/30 to pay the bill for January and the premium increased by 70%. And this for what they call a " bronze "plan. Called the agent that I dealt with and was told to thank Obamacare. WTF !!! Would love to increase my prices by 70%, but I would be out of business in thirty days.
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