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  1. I am really happy to hear that the pricing will be a la carte this year. I attended most of the SAAC Does Vegas events in the past, and started going to the Bash with the 85th birthday celebration. It was an annual event that we really enjoyed and looked forward to. After attending for a couple years we decided it was just too expensive to have to pay for all of the events, especially when it was pretty much impossible to bring our car from Montana. Early March may still be too early to drive down for the event, but if I can go to the car show and enjoy everybody else's cars, and attend the events I really want to, that will make a huge difference. Thanks for asking for comments and listening to the attendees wishes!
  2. Couldn't agree more. See you all in Vegas!
  3. Very true, but you've made my point exactly. The Mustang 50th has all of the events separated so you can pick the ones you want to participate in. My wife and I aren't interested in all of the banquets and parties, we're very boring ant-social people, all we are interested in is going to the car show and seeing all of the cars. We can do all the socializing we want to do at the car show, so for $150.00 we're happy.
  4. The Bash is a great time, I went to the one for Carroll's 85th birthday and we had a ball. I've been back just to go to the car show and check out everybody's cars, but haven't actually participated in one since. The biggest issue in the past has been the time of year and the inability to bring a Shelby down from Montana in the winter. I don't have a trailer so if I bring a car I drive it. It's hard for me to get excited about going to a car show while driving a rental car, but I know a lot of people do. This year I'm driving our '66 Mustang fastback down for the 50th Mustang Celebration, so that will be fun, and I will definitely go check out the cars at the Team Shelby car show. Watching the open track events were always the highlight of the Shelby Meets for me, so I'm looking forward to seeing that again this year. Thanks for the comment on our cars. The '67 is a driver that's been recently painted. We bought it in '82 and it gets driven quite a bit. If you go to my Team Shelby profile there are quite a few pictures of cars that we own now and have owned in the past. See you in Vegas! I'll be driving the blue and silver metalflake '66 fastback that looks like it belongs in Vegas!
  5. It's 611 miles to Vancouver from where I live in Montana, it's 950 miles to Vegas. I am going to Vegas for the 50th Anniversary of The Mustang Celebration, and I will check out the Shelby car show. We're probably going to Sturgis over Labor Day instead of The International, which is actually further away then Vancouver, but we've been to many Internationals and only one Sturgis event. I guess I must have missed where you could buy tickets to The Bash for $599.00, I thought it was more like $750.00 - but $599.00 is still a lot ( in my mind) for a 3 day event. Like you say, it just depends on where you want to spend your money and how many shows you want to attend. I'm sure you will have a great time, it's a really nice event. I'm looking forward to seeing everybody's cars!
  6. I agree, the whole hobby is expensive, and I enjoy going to several shows a year, but they are typically not nearly as expensive as this one. Now I'm not saying that it's not worth it, but there are several shows that I attend that you can buy tickets to events separately so you don't have to pay for the ones you may not be interested in taking part in. For example, there are two dinners, two lunches and a breakfast. If a person could pick and choose which ones he wanted to attend it could be more affordable. The International Mustang Meet is being held in Vancouver BC this year. For $175.00 two people can enter a car in the show, go to a barbecue and attend the awards banquet which includes a meal. The Vegas Shelby Meet is about $750.00 for two people. That's quite a difference, and yes you do get four more meals (per person) that I'm sure are much nicer and I'm sure the goodie bag at the Shelby Meet is much nicer, but that's a significant price difference. Again, I'm not saying the Shelby Meet isn't worth it, I really enjoyed the ones I've attended, but there could be considerably more cars attending if it was a less expensive event. And, as I've said, it obviously sells as many tickets are available so maybe they want to keep the number of attendees down, as the more participants there are the more headaches there are. Anyway, I'm not trying to badmouth the event, it's a great time!
  7. Back when we bought our '07 the local dealer was charging $5000 over MSRP. They had been offered $10,000 over MSRP from a dealer 500 miles away that had a waiting list of people willing to pay much more, but they wanted to sell them locally and give their salesmen an opportunity to sell them. I was okay with paying over MSRP because I have been around the car business for years and understand how a dealer has to make it when they can, they sell most of their new cars for barely over invoice anymore and the salesmen sell $40,000 cars and make a couple hundred bucks for their efforts. I knew I could wait a few years and get a better buy, but I also knew that the invoices would go up bringing the total cost closer to what I had to pay in 2007, and I would get to enjoy my car for a while before the prices started to come down. When we bought ours, it had an MSRP of just under $45,000 and the only option I didn't order was XM radio. Today a loaded one has an MSRP pushing $70,000, but you can buy them for barely over invoice, so I would imagine that brings them down around $65,000. They're also a lot more car today than the '07's are, but I wouldn't be able to justify another $15,000, not to my wife anyway.
  8. Just and observation - This event has become so expensive that a lot of people are declining to participate. Now obviously, that doesn't keep the event from selling out, so maybe it's a non-issue to the organizers. We went to the 85th Birthday Bash and felt we were spending way more than we should, but we were getting a couple nights at The Wynn for our money back then and Carroll was still with us, so there was always the added value of being able to see him. I hoped that in following years the price may become more affordable because they wouldn't be celebrating "milestone" events, but the prices are just as expensive and now and there is no motel accommodations provided with the entry fee. It's as if it has become an event for the wealthy, and the heck with the little guy. I have been attending the Las Vegas shows almost every year since the first "SAAC Does Vegas" event, but the last several years I have only gone and checked out the car show because it doesn't make sense financially to participate any further, especially if the dates are early enough that you can't feasibly drive a Shelby down from Montana. This year we are participating in The 50th Anniversary of the Mustang Celebration, so we will be driving our '66 fastback down. It's affordable. We will be checking out the Shelby car show as always, and we will go see the new Shelby facility, but that will be the extent of our involvement with the Shelby event. Okay, done whining now.
  9. When we bought our '07 GT500 my youngest daughter, 18 at the time, still lived with us and State Farm never said a word. They never asked for us to sign an exclusion on her, but they did make us sign one for the older daughter who didn't even live at home by that time! Her record was a little less than pristine.
  10. There's a bunch of pictures of them on the internet with GT emblems, maybe they were prototypes, or a different year.
  11. The other thing that stood out to me is the fact that there are no side stripes on it or GT emblems on the front fender. However, if a person just wanted to "black out" the whole car after removing the lemans stripes, I guess it would make sense. I am not really interested in the car myself, I just kinda wondered if maybe one of the previous owners was hanging around this forum.
  12. No clear coat problems, just alot of frost on the car. It was a bit cold out this morning here in Montana! It would be nice to see it all cleaned up, but it appears to be a very nice car. According to a guy I know that works at the dealership, it wa traded in by one of the salesman's girlfriend, who did not own it very long. I'm kinda curious to know where it came from and why there are no stripes and the hood's been replaced. Sometimes when a car has really low mileage for it's age it's because it's been sitting in a bodyshop for a long time, but the carfax doesn't indicate that to be the case.
  13. Yeah, I just went over and took some pictures of it. Should this car have had silver stripes? It's only got 16,500 miles on it. They are asking $26,000 - which seemed like alot, but according to the NADA book it's about $1000 less than book, when you add for the miles.
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