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  1. Bruce, glad you are enjoying the car. I've had the pleasure of owning #56 and #128, and by far this was the best maintained and upgraded car without a SC. Not to mention all the paperwork and that original Hero Card I gave you. Glad it went to a good home. I'm sad, but life takes us to different places in life.
  2. I remember when this thread was very busy
  3. Been busy, so know it has not been updated. My Shelby is up for sale #128. https://www.ebay.com/itm/172651478097 Also listed in the classified section. There is a upgrade list, the Baer brakes, Team shelby eyebrow and extra set of wheels are not included
  4. Chris, I'll look and get the details too you
  5. #18- Sequence order built was #138 built. With your options, it's 1 of 102.
  6. Yours was #124 built in sequence. Also, if you get me your options, I could find out more info
  7. Chris, What are the options your car has, I can tell you how many were built like yours. Your car was the 29th GO built in sequence. First GO conversion was #180. Last was #86
  8. 7-22-2016 Updated list- If anything is not correc, feel free to let us know 215 MADE FIRST GRABBER ORANGE 08SGT0003-?? Galpin Motorsports ***IS This an accurate CSM? (0003P is a Prototype) 08SGT0004-CA JamesW58 08SGT0005-For Sale Reno Nevada, Sport Haus Motor cars 10K miles $31.995: August 2012 08SGT0006- 08SGT0007-VA RMartin 08SGT0008-IL SGT1197 08SGT0009- 1 of 3 with NO INTERIOR Upgrade (For Sale at West Coast Classics in New Zealand 11-2011) 08SGT0010- 08SGT0011-On Auto Trader June 2011 08SGT0012-CA Bakersfield, CA 08SGT0013- 08SGT0014-located for sale in New Zealand, October 2013. 08SGT0015-NY- EBAY (Riverhead, NY -NAV) 08SGT0016-CA (Fritis Ford) 08SGT0017-TX Mr Johnson 08SGT0018-IN. Shelby1981 08SGT0019-CA leo Socal Member (on AUTOTRADER) 08SGT0020-IA Ingram Rolled May 2012 08SGT0021- 08SGT0022- 08SGT0023- 08SGT0024- 08SGT0025-LA Badge715 08SGT0026-CA 08SGT0026 08SGT0027-AZ Connive Being sold in McKinney, Texas for $22.800 with 56K miles. Factory Nav 08SGT0028-CA, For sale at Fairfield Ford in Fairfield CA $31k April 2012 08SGT0029- 08SGT0030-1 of 3 with NO INTERIOR Upgrade On Auto Trader 11-2011 Newark, CA 08SGT0031-Paul in North Florida 08SGT0032-Alpine, Tx-Dave- Purchased from SA with a SC adn interior upgrade. 08SGT0033- 08SGT0034- 08SGT0035-CA on AUTOTRADER Aug 2011 08SGT0036- 08SGT0037- 08SGT0038- 08SGT0039-On Ebay May 2012, Calabasas California (19k miles) Sold for $27.109.00 08SGT0040- 08SGT0041-SGT41C 08SGT0042-WY Bill_T 08SGT0043-1 of 4 automatic cars. 1 of 2 w/ Shaker 1000 and automatic 08SGT0044-?? mookie777 08SGT0045-GA Shelbygtc45 08SGT0046-Somehere in Colorado? 08SGT0047- 08SGT0048- 08SGT0049- 08SGT0050- 08SGT0051- 08SGT0052- 08SGT0053- 08SGT0054-WA Billssgt08 08SGT0055- 08SGT0056-NEW ZEALAND Rob 08SGT0057- 08SGT0058- 08SGT0059- 08SGT0060- 08SGT0061-TX-08SGTC0061 08SGT0062-On Ebay at Texas Hot Rides in Addison, Tx, March 2013. 55k miles, $23.991.00. 08SGT0063- 08SGT0064-DK SFM6S006 08SGT0065-CA SHELBYBRO 08SGT0066- 08SGT0067- 08SGT0068- 08SGT0069-(on AUTOTRADER) 08SGT0070- 08SGT0071- 08SGT0072- Street side customs-jul 2016-$36999 08SGT0073-Cars.com September 2012. 29k miles. 08SGT0074-On craigslist Seattle, 4700 miles, $35k. June/2014. 08SGT0075-On Ebay at Ray Skillman Performance Ford, Greenwood, IN Factory navigation, Roush supercharger. 440 miles, $39.980. March 2014 08SGT0076-AL Troy, Al 08SGT0077- 08SGT0078- 08SGT0079-GA. Dr. Lou. 08SGT0080- 08SGT0081- 08SGT0082- 08SGT0083- 08SGT0084- 08SGT0085-Texas. 08grabberO#85 08SGT0086- 08SGT0087- 08SGT0088-MI Doublegrabber 08SGT0089-TX Zackman 08SGT0090- 08SGT0091- 08SGT0092-NY 08SGT0093- 08SGT0094- 08SGT0095- 08SGT0096-TX Stewarbc 08SGT0097-TX - Jordan Motorsports (EBAY) 08SGT0098-for sale at Pingray Ford in Sehah WA. 2800 miles, 36k. March 2014. 08SGT0099- 08SGT0100-CA (R Motorsports), Baldwin Park, CA March 2012 36K miles w/navigation 08SGT0101-MO AUTOTRADER_IL 08SGT0102-CT 2008GT-C 08SGT0103-CA (Mullahey Ford) 08SGT0104- On Auto Trader August 2012. 31K miles, $22.900 Salvage title per the seller due to front end damage. 08SGT0105-CA 08sgtc105 08SGT0106- 08SGT0107-CA,on Auto Trader July 11 08SGT0108- 08SGT0109-former owner, FL Glenn&Steph (G_O Thread starter) 08SGT0110- 08SGT0111- 08SGT0112- 08SGT0113- 08SGT0114- 08SGT0115- 08SGT0116-September 2013, On Ebay, located at Spuds Garage in Yuma Az. 147 miles, Nav, $34.500 OBO 08SGT0117-CA Camp Pendelton - 1 of 3 with NO INTERIOR Upgrade 08SGT0118- 08SGT0119-CA (Perry Ford) 08SGT0120-CA (Fairway Ford) 08SGT0121-OK 69 Boss 429 08SGT0122-TX Revans310 08SGT0123-AR COBRA SCOTTY 08SGT0124- On Craig's list November 2014. 66k miles asking. $21.995 08SGT0125-CA Jon H 08SGT0126-CA SHANE-O-MAN 08SGT0127- 08SGT0128-TN (2nd owner) sold to SGT-C0056 08SGT0129- 08SGT0130-listed with Mecum Auction House in June 2012 in Monteray. $38.500. 08SGT0131-on Las Vegas Craigslist August 2014. $26.300, 36k miles. 08SGT0132- 08SGT0133-April 2013. For sale at Jordon Motor Cars in San Antonio. 49k miles, Factory Nav. $25.900.00 08SGT0134-CA AMYB 08SGT0135-CA Bunky 08SGT0136-Purchased 3/19/11, Eastvale(Corona) Ca Mike Coggins. 08SGT0137-[/b] 08SGT0138-CA (M.Yates) 08SGT0139-CA 1of 4 Automatics 08SGT0140-?? Robbcwz 08SGT0141- 08SGT0142- 08SGT0143-CA-K Beast Shelby gt 08SGT0144- 08SGT0145- 08SGT0146-ID gurney7040 08SGT0147- (Navigation Equipped) 08SGT0148- 08SGT0149-(EBAY- TEXAS AUTO DIRECT- Houston-Techno Blower) NAVIGATION 08SGT0150- 08SGT0151- Lewisville, Texas (Navigation Equipped) Sam Pack Ford 1-12-2012 08SGT0152- Autotrader 08SGT0153- 08SGT0154- 08SGT0155- CA markgtc0155 08SGT0156- 08SGT0157-TX JORDAN MOTORSPORTS (EBAY) 08SGT0158- 08SGT0159- 08SGT0160-CA aseos2004 08SGT0161- 08SGT0162- 08SGT0163-CO- Back with original owner 08SGT0164- 08SGT0165- 08SGT0166- 08SGT0167- 08SGT0168-CA, SVALLIN3 08SGT0169- 08SGT0170- 08SGT0171- 08SGT0172-WI scottmadwi SGT-C REGISTRAR. A/T Nav 1 of 4 Auto 08SGT0173-(On Ebay, Clark Motors, Costa Mesa Ca 2118 miles. May 2012) (On eBay in Dallas-January 2014 with 5100 miles.) (May 2014, Flemington Ford NJ. 5400 miles. 35k.) 08SGT0174- 08SGT0175- 08SGT0176- 08SGT0177-Hoots 08SGT0178-CA 08SGT-C 08SGT0179- 08SGT0180-NE. Omaha NE. Mark, non TS member?? 08SGT0181-Thailand. 1 of 4 automatics. 1 of 2 w/ Shaker 1000 automatics 08SGT0182-CA Paulthreestang 08SGT0183- 08SGT0184-Totaled and parted out, September 2012. Dash plaque missing 08SGT0185- 08SGT0186- 08SGT0187- 08SGT0188- 08SGT0189- 08SGT0190-CA shelbyracer 08SGT0191- 08SGT0192-New owner 08SGT0192. Purchased December 2013. 08SGT0193- 08SGT0194- 08SGT0195- 08SGT0196-Legacy Ford Pasco, WA 1-30-2013 2500 miles 08SGT0197-(Former owner MD leepic) Car Max White Marsh, MD, March 2012, 08SGT0198- AUTOTRADER 08SGT0199- 08SGT0200-Miami, FL. Jcvjr88 08SGT0201-MO Wnenn 08SGT0202- 08SGT0203- 08SGT0204- 08SGT0205- 08SGT0206-Washington. slygray1 (2nd owner) 08SGT0207- 08SGT0208-Tyler, Tx RogerArrick (2nd owner) 08SGT0209- 08SGT0210-CA oldguyrock 08SGT0211-On Autotrader, September 2012 23k miles. Asking 36k. Winnetka, CA 08SGT0212- 08SGT0213- 08SGT0214- 08SGT0215-For sale at Montebello Ford. May 2015. $49.881. 22k miles Saleen supercharged. 08SGT0216- 08SGT0217- 08SGT0218- FIRST VISTA Blue
  9. Number #149 for sale again in the Dallas TX area. $26000 +. At fuel motor cars. http://www.fuelmotorcars.com/2008-Ford-Mustang-Shelby-GT-SUPERCHARGED-W%2F-MANY-UPGRADES%21%21-MORE-THAN-20K-INVESTED%21%21-Dallas%2C-TX-75006/5839826
  10. Almost 6 months and not much action on here....what happened guys...
  11. It's cool, but their are only 500 Hertz convertibles and my understanding is that your car is the only Terilingua convertible made. It's cool that it was a prior Hertz and I used to own one. I would make a poster or something showing the cars History. Question...do you have both CSM badges and how is it registered in the registry...as a Hertz or a Terlingua.
  12. #133 is for sale again in San Antonio. Craigslist. No price. I think it's still at Jordan,
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