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  1. I'm surprised the forum didn't flame you for not buying an american car
  2. Have you checked this out? http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php?/topic/57913-vapor-alex-2010-tranny-repair/
  3. .... and hopefully they gave you a loaner GT500?
  4. Cheap on the evo, AAA full coverage $700/ year. .... $700 is not cheap, but considering it's a 2011 I think it's a good deal. I remember your post. If I recall you didn't get anything this bad... it's not that big of a deal. I've been on this forum since '08 and have owned two mustangs. I will own another before too long so I figure I will stick around. The new Boss is looking fun. I needed a new vehicle that was sporty and would get me to work in any type of weather. I've owned an SUV for the past 10 years and wanted to get away from truck/suv... for now. I was very slightly concerned about the new mustangs coming out reducing my value over the next couple years. I ordered my '10 in dec 08 approx... at that time there was no 5.0 mustang, svt package for the gt500, or a boss in the near future. With these models coming out and seeing prices drop on KR's I felt that my resale value would slip greatly in 2011. Since you just joined the forum 8 months ago, you may be surprised that most of us that sell our gt500's post up our new cars. For whatever reason this really hit a nerve with some, and I did not expect it. For me, buying a Shelby created a bond with many of the people on this forum... for the most part this post was originally intended for my friends I've made here over the past couple years. Do you have any interest in 7 quarts of Motorcraft 5w50 and filter for gt500? I bought everything from kmansparts.. I think he's selling the oil at 7.19 qt + shipping and a few bucks for the filter.. I was really not wanting to ship, but if you're interested send me a PM and we can work it out... I'd like to sell everything to one person... It will be cheap, and everything is new. Lastly, did anybody happen to see the second episode of topgear usa?... they reviewed the evox, it was a good episode.
  5. Yes, thx bpmurr, after being on this forum for over a year I didn't really expect the negative responses. Fairly common for ex-gt500 members to post their new rides. I sold the gt500 because I can't drive it in the snow, and wanted to downsize the number of vehicles I have due to costs. It was simply time to get another car.... evolution X is what it turned out being. Someday I want a porsche, even though it's German, I wouldn't mind picking up another Ford product, even though some are made in Mexico.. I'm not auto racist, or anti-USA. We live in the best country in the world, part of that is having the choice to drive what you want. Really. WWII comments. Really?
  6. sold my gt500 and ordered this awhile back, finally came in a couple weeks ago..... btw I still have a oil/filter change for gt500 and the svt reasonator for sale if anybody is interested... this one came without rust on the bottom and brembos all the way around
  7. Looks nice. I sold my '10 for $45,000 I also got sick of the two car setup. Loved the Shelby, but went awd too.
  8. I've used battery tender jr on my boat, motorcycles, cars. Works great, I think I paid 30-40 on Amazon
  9. I agree, anytime a new engine comes out I think it make people unsettled.
  10. Most of the traffic I got was from ebay... I posted it as a classified so you do not have to pay anything. Seemed to work okay for me. I did get several hits on Craigslist as well. Craigslist is fairly popular in my area. I've been doing some new car shopping and have noticed cars on www.cars.com I don't know anything about listing a car with them..fees and so on. Lastly, I posted this goofy youtube video along with the ad. 90% of the real offers started out with an email or call saying, I watched your video and I'm interested in your car... Hope that helps. Good luck.
  11. I picked it up I think June 2009.. feels like I had the car for a couple years... I guess it was all the waiting. I get the feeling I will likely end up with another sometime within the next few years. I see myself looking for a high mileage, old GT500 that is unmodified. Something I can get in to for cheap, and turn it into a monster!
  12. Sold my GT500 today. It's actually gone.. still kind of settling in that it's not in it's space in the garage. Just wanted to pass along some random thoughts to anybody interested. I ordered this car winter '08, took almost 6 months to get, and in general was much more difficult to obtain then I anticipated. Now that it's gone, I've started the same process again. Joined some other car forums to be a little wiser than last time around. The funny thing is the GT500 forums have an ebb and flow that after a while seemed routine. Those of you on hear for a year or more generally knows how it goes, new car speculation, new forum members order cars, holds placed on cars...tracking when cars arrive....reviews of new cars, what modifications to do, then pictures start to roll in.... and so on. As I'm searching for a new car it seems that the concerns we have for GT500's are universal. Meaning that most people that are ordering new unique sports cars are going through the same process as anybody on here has. So, when you think that Ford needs to address concerns we have with regards to delays, or ordering process, or build quality, know that this is true for other manufactures as well.....not just people buying $50,000 Mustangs. Doesn't make it right, it's just interesting to me because I personally thought it was unique to ordering a GT500. I had a lot of interest in my car recently. Not really sure why. I decided to try to sell it two months ago. Posted it on one forum (svtforums), and ebay, and craigslist. I listed the car at $47,000. It's a '10 GT500 with 800mi at the time. Over a one month period had about 15 legitimate offers for 40-42. Turned them all down. Had 50+ ridiculous offers.. .you know the type, I will trade you my grand am + $5,000. In the past two weeks the offers increased and I ended up selling it for $45,000. The only thing I can think of is that maybe interest in Mustangs has peaked over the past month due to the new 5.0 GT and people are looking at used GT500 as a possible option? Who knows maybe luck, maybe time of year. Due to the sudden increase in calls and interest the only thing I can really attribute it to is the 5.0 My other rationale behind this is as I look at other sports car forums for my next car It's interesting the posts I've run across where people are considering selling their car to possibly get a new GT... then, inevitably in the thread someone recommends looking at a GT500. I will continue to post here, and troll the threads. I may end up with another GT500 someday. Right now I think I'm looking at something I can do some AWD donuts, lol. or snow drifting I think this is the route I'm going, but not 100% sure http://www.edmunds.com/flipper/do/MediaNav/styleId=101351151/firstNav=Gallery I have a ford resonator eliminator, and oil/filter from redman for sale if anyone is interested. I will need to look at what I paid for everything, but basically I will sell everything for 20% less than what I paid for it. It's all new...... you pay shipping. If anybody is near the KC area and wants to pick it up that is best, but I don't mind coordinating shipping. One more picture
  13. In my opinion if you didn't do the clear bra when new I don't think it's a good idea to do it now.... my unprofessional, but experienced rational behind that is: I think if it's not perfectly factory smooth you will end up with distortions and possibly small bubbles, from what research I did it's not recommended to put over repaired chips.. mainly what I read is that it will pull off the paint.. i really think the bigger problem would be that the bra will highlight the repaired area... but, like I said I don't install these things so take that for what it's worth...
  14. I have a xpel clear bra and like the protection it provides. I had a section that hand some distortion after installation. Had it removed and reinstalled looks great. No issues with taking it off. This web site may help www.pdiclearbra.com these guys installed mine for about $800, covered headlights, side mirrors, front lower quarter behind front wheels, and front of car. I like the quick wipe off of bugs and debris with plexus and micro fiber cloth. Before the clear bra if I wanted to clean off the front I would need to wash the entire car. Now I just wipe down and don't have to worry about scratches in my paint.
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