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  1. No, but I'm sure common sense would apply. The car must have a garage and you must have a daily driver. Only one driver allowed.
  2. They have a set equation which includes a liabilty and a New York state fee and then the amount of coverage you want to buy. It's something like $14 per thousand on a car that's less than 25 years old. I pay them $500 per year for $30,000 worth and you could too. It's just what ever amount you're comfortable with.
  3. Why would you pay for $60K of insurance on a $35K car? I have Grundy too and they have been great, but you should only insure your new car for about $32K in my opinion.
  4. Sounds like the blue one, how were they to deal with on price?
  5. I don't see it listed on the Crown Ford website.
  6. Why does that car have rolled exhaust tips but no hood scoop? I thought they were only available as part of the exterior decor package.
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