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  1. Very nice, I sold my red one for a similar price with spare splitter, spare stripes and spare new KR wheels and tires, 3500 miles.
  2. My red '09 KR just sold to Sam in New Zealand, from another KR Thread. People kept bugging me with stupid lowball offers like "Will you match the price of this silver one . . ." Sam will get a completely unmolested zero damage car with 3300 miles, plus a full set of NOS KR wheels & tires, spare KR CF splitter, spare stripes and a Shelby cover (never out of the bag) and a few other goodies. I'm not telling the price but he can if he wants, it gets loaded into the container this week. We'll miss it, especially my wife but we didn't drive it enough to warrant keeping it.
  3. From what this thread devolved into was the exact reason I left for 1.5 years. Why non KR owners feel the need to chime in here . . . well . . .
  4. Too bad I live in the upper corner of the left coast, Microshaft country where everyone seems to want something more exotic. I ended up dropping the price . . . http://seattle.craigslist.org/est/cto/4510873724.html
  5. SVT NAJA, never done Photobucket, send an email to psmvcc@mac.com and I'll send some if you like. I'll take pictures of whatever you like, it lives in a dark garage and the ones I have are limited.
  6. I was thinking the right price was about $55k. It has 3300 miles, been hose washed twice and been to Grabber's event twice. Mostly highway/freeway miles driven by a couple of old farts. I added the KR brake fluid cover, sequential tail lights and shorty antenna. I also have one of them $400 Shelby covers in matching colors that has never been out of the bag with it. Also comes with rear CF diffuser, not installed, I was going to add it with the CF rockers I never bought. Spare NEW wheels w/tires & center caps; front CF splitter, stripe kit and floor mats all for $2800 with the car. In Redmond WA . . .
  7. 09KR0343, so 09 that was built AFTER the clutch upgrade. It is red/silver. Also got a bunch of stuff when Shelby was selling off KR specific stuff for sale with the car at cost, I eat the shipping I paid.
  8. I can see no way an insurance company would pay to fix that car. The entire structure is bent, does Ford even sell an entire body?
  9. They also weight less and handle better than those "precious" 20" SS wheels.
  10. Steve, call SAI and have your VIN and CSM number handy, they can probably help you. They were selling them in pairs w/new tires at a VERY good price several months back.
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