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  1. Can anyone tell me if I can get replacement mufflers like I have on the car now?
  2. Give them a call. I replaced my entire car (GT-H) with their stripes and was very satisfied with them. 625-546-0710 http://www.decalshoppe.com/home_page
  3. I placed an order 6 weeks ago and have still not received the product yet. I did get a response from them after 2 e-mails but have not had any follow up on why I have not received it yet. I sent a third e-mail a couple of days ago an finally got a reason for the late order. They could definetly do a better job with follow up on orders.
  4. Got my tune today! Made a big difference in the car. The first time I stepped on the pedal I noticed how responsive it was. It made everything smoother when you step into the car. The car shifts at 6500 rpm now and defintely pulls harder than before. You dont have to try very hard to roast the tires! I would recomend this tune from brenspeed. It made the car that much more fun tho drive! Eric
  5. What are you going to ask for the pulleys? How long have they been on your car? Thanks, Eric.
  6. Rich, I went back and looked at the e-mail that they sent me and they did say to expect an additional 15 to 20 hp over what the GT-H already has. In that e-mail I made sure they knew that this car was a GT-H, so well see what happens. Everything Im hearing is to expect quite a difference in the car. Cant wait to find out. Eric
  7. I sent an e-mail with the information about my car and asked what to expect from their tune. They said that I could expect to see 15-20 hp more but it would feel like 50 hp because of the way the tune changes the car. I ordered the tune last Friday so hopefully I should have it within a week or so. I ll let you know how it drives when I get it. I really doubt that it will add that much also but if it takes the "lag" out of it and firms the shifts and adds more low end torque it will be worth it. Eric.
  8. Thanks for the information. I have talked to Brenspeed and they are telling me to expect 15 to 20 more horsepower over what the car already has. I think for now this new tune is what I am looking for. Thanks again, Eric.
  9. Jeff, just wanted your opinion on your tune for your GT-H. Im thinking of using either Brenspeed or Bama. My GT-H is still as it came from shelby, no other mods. My only complaint is the lag when kicking the car down into 1st from 30 to 35 mph. There is a definate lag when you do this,will the new tune eliminate this all together? Also will I feel a noticible difference in the car with the new tune? I really like the way the car drives and performs but would like a little more. Thanks
  10. I own #210 as of December of 2008. I bought it from Cass County Ford in Indiana.I am located on Kansas.
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