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  1. Not quite sure how to pm you? Haven't done this much! Thanks Ben
  2. Does anyone know the difference between the Ford Racing M-5230-S, the M-5230-SGT, and the M-5230-5GT? Which has better sound quality? Which is the loudest? Which one should I put on my 09 GT 500? I prefer louder but not cackling! Thanks again Ben
  3. Thanks for all your answers. Does anyone know the part number for the KR mufflers? Has anyone heard a 2014 Roush stage 3 ? How do the the KR mufflers compare in loudness to the stage 3? Thanks again!
  4. What kind of exhaust should I put on my GT 500? I put a ford racing power pack on which came with different mufflers and it still isn't loud enough! I don't want to keep buying different mufflers and experimenting.
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