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  1. yes, I always tell them up front and double check the service summary sheet. all was good.
  2. I usually only put about 1000 miles on mine per year so I get my oil changed once per year. Ironically enough I took it to my local dealer today for it's annual oil and filter change. I happened to be watching through the waiting room window when the tech finished my car. he actually went to some other work stations to fine a clean towel to wipe his finger prints off the hood when he closed it. very cool of him, good to see some people still care. although I'm so particular about my car that I'll give it a quick spray detail tonight anyway but I was impressed.
  3. I go every month, it's awesome. there is such an eclectic mix of cars from all makes from classics to high end exotics. always a good Shelby turn out with classic GT500s and GT350s to modern Shelbys including new GT350Rs. You are guaranteed to see something you've never seen before at every show. last month I saw an original 1970 Skyline GT-R. not my type of car but I had never seen one before and probably won't again. there are always some Ford GTs, lambos, ferarri, tons of classic and modern porsche, mercedes, detroit muscle, etc. if you want to get your car in the high-end show paddock, you have to get there very early like 700am but if you want to park with the other Shelby's, you can get there by 9:00am and there are spots. First sunday of every month.
  4. 3200 on my '13, I only take it out on the weekends.
  5. that's an impressive amount of miles, I have a 2013 Race Red convertible and just broke 3000 miles this weekend. I'm way too over protective of mine and should drive it more.
  6. I agree with you about younger people not seeming to be into performance cars the way I was at their age (I'm 41). However I did spot a super clean 93 fox body Mustang GT in the gym parking lot last week and was admiring it when the owner walked up, a local high school student. It gave me hope for the muscle car future.
  7. I like the escort Solo cordless detector as you can easily move it between vehicles with no wiring.
  8. that blows, I spent quite a few hours out and about in mine last week here in Atlanta.
  9. the new facility and tour is top notch, they've really beefed up the tour. it's great
  10. +1 on the Jaeger Bros fender guards, installs in seconds and prevents the rock chips.
  11. same thing happened to me, I was not impressed with Sandy Springs ford and ended up ordering from Cherokee Ford for below MSRP. However, due to how severely limited the 350R will be, I doubt you will be able to find it for MSRP. Aren't they only making 37 cars?
  12. are you not the original owner? if not, previous owner may have hit something and replaced with cheap copies.
  13. I updated mine Sat, 5 mins to download and copy the file to thumb driver. 10 mins to update the car. wicked easy.
  14. that will be a cool ride for sure. I agree, probably more of a restomod than tribute car so call it whatever you want, it's your toy.
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