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  1. Saw this for sale in San Antonio. 2008 KR 2958 miles $49000 http://www.jordanmotorcars.net/details/2008-Ford-ShelbyGT500-SanAntonio-TX/12367402?cid=0
  2. You got that right. I feel like a kid in a candy store.
  3. I can't wait to see what Ford comes up with next. I really like the leaked photos of the 2015 mustang. Can't wait to see what SVT comes up with for high performance options.
  4. I got 24k for it would have gotten more but I needed new tires.
  5. Well it was really hard but I sold my 2009 Shelby GT500 , 74k miles today. I stopped 3 times before I reached the store to sell it. It was really hard but all good things must come to a halt. Someone is going to get a great car. Well its back to the drawing board, but I will be back and better and faster than before. I just needed to vent a little. Bye Bye baby you will be missed.
  6. I love the Stage 3 Aluminator roush but I don't think I want to spend upwards of 70k. I looked at a convertible last weekend and it was priced to start at 70k. Its fun to be a car guy these days lol, OOO and Jack Roush will be here in TN next month.
  7. Update, dealer offered me 30k for my shelby with 71k miles. Purchase price for a black ZL1 53k. The dealer asked me was the carol shelby signature authentic on the dash plaque . I told him yes and he took note of it. Does anyone think our cars will hold more value and become more desirable in the future because of carol Shelby's signature?
  8. here is an update.i found a deal on a black zl1, Talked him down to 53k. I'm going to sleep on it and see how I feel in a couple of days.
  9. My buddy sold his fully loaded z06, and passed on buying a ZR1 and purchased a 2013 convertible ZL1 all because when we cruised around town my shelby got more attention than did his z06. This muscle car rebirth is taking over the world.
  10. Awesome I wish there was an option #10 on the table,that would make things so simple, lol
  11. had a chance to look over the C7 vette for 4 days. It's okay I like what they did to the interior and the rear window everything else sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Thought about the motorcycle idea but I have chronic bursitis in both hips, don't know how well that would work out. Being happy with what I currently have sounds good but I have that itch, a buddy of mine told me to plant some flowers and get over it.
  12. It's that time once again, I have that itch to buy again. See scenarios below and please advise. Scenario #1 trade in my 2003 50th vette under 35k miles for a ZL1 camaro and have a ZL1 and shelby GT500 in my garage. Scenario #2 sell my 50th vette and trade in my 09 GT500 for a 14 shelby GT500 fully loaded. Scenaro #3 trade my shelby for a camaro ZL1 convertible. I don't like this scenario to much but its on the table. Scenario #4 keep my vette and shelby and enjoy the best of both worlds, I'm looking at a black on black ZL1 convertible price is $64,470 hard top price $56,050 leaning more toward hard top. Also 2014 GT500 with electronics package, recardo's, svt package., $64,450.
  13. Does anyone know what the invoice price on a new 13 or 14 shelby is? Thinking about purchasing and I'm getting my game plan ready.
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