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  1. Has anyone installed hood struts that work well on this incredibly heavy poly urethane hood?
  2. Not to hijack the thread; but, I bought 16H0127 on October 25, 2018. Hello 125 and 126!
  3. A stupid deer decided to ram into my passenger front fender this weekend during the Texas Hill Country Shelby cruise. It then slid back and sheered off the mirror and side scoop. The door got banged up too! It's in the shop now. :mellow: If it’s not too expensive, I may use this opportunity to have the stripes painted on and to get rid of some hairline scratches on the clearcoat.
  4. 'twas a fun cruise indeed! Great route as usual Warren! The loopy thing twice ad-lib worked out great. Uploading video on facebook but it's taking a long time ~1 Gb.
  5. The 1st pic are the four original black Shelby GT bullit wheels that were boxed and stacked. The front picture of the truck shows the molten alloy wheel from the driver's side. The '67 was destroyed as well.
  6. Thank you for the kind comments everyone. We're making progress towards normalcy again.
  7. Thank you DeWayne; you and Christine Rock ! Tomorrow we'll be in the rental house ; rental furniture on its way per insurance policy They will be paying the house rent too ! :happy feet:
  8. Today, I received a package from Team Shelby. It had a Shelby GT shirt and cap !! I don't know who sent it but I am so grateful ! God Bless all of you ! Ed
  9. They are still not allowing the insurance adjusters into our area to inspect the damage. There are still hot spots and some trees are burning underground. I know from an eyewitness that our home is completely destroyed. I'm hoping we don't have to itemize and they just give us the max allowance for the contents. There is too much to forget by itemizing. As my wife and I have been shopping for clothing, we're always seeing items that were in our house. Out of sight, out of mind. Thank you everyone, Ed P.S. God bless the 9/11 victims and their familes.
  10. Jer said his classified ad has most of the parts and he researched the prices. I'm good to go...
  11. Thank you so much. We are staying with a friend in his nice home. We're looking for rental homes this weekend. We're doing OK. People have been very generous.
  12. Thanks Clarence, I'm sure your friends are safe but not sure of their home. The number of destroyed homes now stands at 1486 and climbing. Two people perished but I don't believe they were in Bastrop. Ed
  13. Dear Shelby GT bethren, We lost our home and all contents including the '67 mustang and '88 pickup in the fire. We evacuated in my wife's car with our dogs and the Shelby GT. All of the original Shelby GT parts that I had removed are destroyed. If someone could do me a big favor and look at my mods below and list original parts with market value, it would be very appreciated and would be a big help to us for the insurance claim. I'm currently busy taking care of other business right now. Thank you very much ! Ed Rios
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