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  1. I would redo them with vinyl if I had any confidence that they wouldn't fade. I am the original owner, and my stripes started showing UV damage after just a year. The vinyl stripes cost 1200 installed, I rather pay 2-3k to not have to deal with the issue again.
  2. I started looking for quotes again. So far I only have a ballpark quote from one place in CT for 4500-5500 dollars. Is anyone else looking to get their car done this spring?
  3. Does anyone know if the watts link will fit on with the stock diff cover for a SGT or if a flatter one is required?
  4. I had mine installed at Tasca after having the Shelby GT/SC conversion. It was not required to have a gauge pod to get the side stripes and factory supercharged badging.
  5. I have kooks long tube headers, green catted x-pipe, and mrt muffler deletes. The install was not the easiest on jackstands but was well worth it. The car started right up with no codes and I passed emissions testing.
  6. I recently started looking into camshafts and I like the sound of the Ford Racing Hot Rod Cams, but I have seen reviews on forums mentioning that you will lose boost using those cams. Has anyone installed cams designed for forced induction applications? I found videos with detroit rocker camshafts sold by brenspeed which were made for forced induction applications but the hod rod cams sound so much better.
  7. Looking to buy SGT hat and shirts. I haven't seen anything since the car was first released. Any chance of releasing new SGT hats, I would like one in vista blue not the baby blue that was originally made. Even just merchandise with the berg snake would be nice.
  8. Would anyone be interested in approaching SPP for a group buy on these valve covers. I just saw the one ebay listing for the NOS part at $360. These were originally $294. Maybe if we get enough people we can convince SPP to produce them. These are just powdercoated original mustang valve covers that are laser etched, it should not be difficult to produce. Let me know if anyone would be interested.
  9. Prototypes Shelby did a while back, any chance of getting a production run of the Shelby GT or Shelby GT/SC made?
  10. I thought I saw those available in one of the shelby's catalog around 8 years ago?
  11. Any chance Shelby will start producing these valve covers again? Remember they had several different options such as having the csm number or Shelby GT, GT500...
  12. I'm planning on meeting up with Don to check out his stripes and going to Otis Ford in Long Island in March to get a quote. Is anyone else interested in bring their cars in for a quote on painted stripes?
  13. 1800 sounds like a good deal, Tasca wanted 1200 just for vinyl stripes.
  14. The 2008 model used steel screws on the aluminum hood causing the corrosion. It is also caused by ferrous material contamination prior to Ford painting the hood. These hoods were not properly prepped prior to paint. The aluminum reacts with the ferrous material under the paint causing it to bubble. Ford has a technical service bulletin for the issue but will not fix it. There was a class action lawsuit that was thrown by the judge. All of the forums I read said the corrosion will come back. Carbon fiber won't corrode and it is cheaper than a stock hood replacement, so that's why I am going that route.
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