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  1. The 2 front sensors went out on my car and had them replaced recently at my friend's shop. Real easy and no more light.
  2. In previous bashes, the 2 nightly events were held at the host hotel, this made things both easy and convenient. I hope we can return to this format. After spending a great portion of the day in the car, driving to and from Spring Mountain, either on the track or doing the poker run, the last thing people want to do is get back into their car to drive to a banquet. After a long day, people like to get back to the hotel, relax and freshen up before the evening activities. It’s also nice to be able to have drinks and socialize and not have to worry about driving back to the hotel. After the banquet people can continue to hang out or head to the room if tired. Hopefully The South Point will be the host hotel. It is both reasonably priced and less hectic than other hotels. The previous secure parking arrangements were also a plus. Like many have said, the best part of these events is hanging out with friends.
  3. We got to spend time with both Glen and Lisa during their last trip to Palm Springs this last May. It was a great time all things considered, but very sad when it was time to leave. A toast was made in Glen's honor this past Friday at Amy Boylan's place, The Tonga Hut, in Palm Springs. RIP Glen Dan
  4. For drag racing, I use a 17" wheel/drag radial combo, any idea if this rear brake set up will work with that? My DD wheels are 20's so I know it will work for that. Dan
  5. I have over 37k miles since my Whipple install. I've had no problems with belts at all. I've gone 170 at the Terlingua high speed run, made several 1/4 miles passes including 7 this weekend at the NorCal Mini Nats. When the supercharger is installed right, which includes checking the alignment of all the pullies, you should have no problems. Dan
  6. It's hard to see in my sig pick, but I have what you described above. The lethal tank had to be modified a bit by removing the mounting flange for the fender. When I added the hood struts for the deep draw hood, the two parts hit. When you add a mod to a mod, sometimes you have to mod one of the mods. Makes sense???lol I'll see if I can find a better pic when I get home. Dan
  7. Replaced the diff cover with the KR one today. Used Royal Purple 75W-140 and no modifier. As per Alex Mackenzie and another mechanic friend of mine, both say too much friction modifier is a bad thing. I trust both of them. Dan
  8. I am doing this tomorrow and using Royal Purple 75W-140. No need to add friction modifier as it already contains it. I've been told it is actually bad to add the modifier along with Royal Purple as it is too much modifier. Dan
  9. Looks amazing Alex! Like Ken, I look forward to seeing it!! Dan
  10. It was good seeing you at the Bash Nick, and glad you had a great time. Now that you've got one track event behind you, I know that you're going to want to do more!! Dan
  11. Good question Harald. If no events are being held at Mandalay Bay, I may just stay at my timeshare instead. It's only 5 minutes away. Dan
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