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  1. Well I struck a deal today. $15,300 from the dealer for trade in, plus 5K from the ins company equals 20,300 to put down on the 5.0 that I pick up tomorrow.... I am excited about my new, but I am sad because I am no longer a Shelby owner......... I gain 100 HP but I lose my identity. )c:
  2. After babying my SGT for over 5years, stored in doors from November to April every year... My girlfrind dented the fender. Broke my heart aft not having a scratch or a door ding for all this time. So, I recently came to conclusion it's time to give up my Black SGT with an Auto, to buy a new 5.0. As you may well imagine I nearly dropped a log when the trade in value came back. Hell one dealer didn't know what a SGT was and thought I modded the car out my self. LOL! Bottom line if any one is interested in a 2007 Shelby GT with an auto, Shaker 1000, 50K miles, in great shape saved for a dent in the passenger front fender, that I am told can be banged out, the price is $ 15K firm, or I will be soon trading it in the the high way robbers Shelbygt4me@gmail.com Rich 847-636-0024 Pics available. Wauconda IL.
  3. Believe it or not I wound up going with Generals..... Exclaim 225 45 18 mounted on AR Torq SM Thrust. The center caps arrive tomorrow. I will let you know how they handle in a day or so.
  4. I wound up picking these, believe it or not.......
  5. And you are happy with the KDW2s in the rain?
  6. I am about to buy new wheels and tires. I wondered if there are any horror stories any one wants to share. Any tires that I should stay away from? I was going to buy BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2, just heard they are horrible in wet conditions. I live in Chicago, but will store in the winter. Still weather changes ever 10 minutes here. I can't ask you to tell me what to do, but I will ask if there is anything I shouldn't. Thanks In advance. Rich
  7. I have finally picked my rims, and now I need to know what size to order size to order. I want 18 inch rims, but I need to know the offset and backspace that I can get away with. I REALLY like the deep dish look, and want as much of that as I can get,,,,,but don't want the tires to rub. The rims I have chosen are the Chrome American racing wheels Shelby Torq Thrust MS 18x9. Problem is there is no guide for the Shelby GT, and being lowered as they are I am worried that I will order the rims and get screwed if they don't fit. I would appreciate advice from the crowd. Anyone running these? Here is what I I am thinking about. SB605MS8966C 18" x 9" 34 6.34 5x114.3 http://www.americanracing.com/browse_carroll.asp Thanks Rich P.S. I have tried searching the thread but never found the exact answer I was looking for, sorry for a boring thread.
  8. Thanks that is a huge help. I went to victor originally, to buy the car. But as usual they tried jerking me around, so I went to Wickstrom in Barrington. They took good car of me, but I have a hard time picturing them replacing the stripes correctly. I am seriously considering having them painted on. Can't decide. I wish shelby would offer to strip the old ones off an replace with paint for about 1500. It would be a good compromise and then we could have our cars added as painted stripe to the Shelby Reg. so we didn't lose value
  9. Jeff where did you go? I am in Wauconda. My stripes look like crap, but don't trust the dealer.
  10. I doubt it would fit. It's not about the diameter of the hole, but the recesses nature of the GT500 wheels around the center cap. Just my opinion.
  11. Excuse me I have been a way for a while. I try not to think of my Shelby during these long Chicago winters as a bound down the road in my 1989 Conversion van.... But are they not making Shelby GT's any more? Replaced by the GT350 soon?
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