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  1. Nice ride Mateo but you got it wet......lol
  2. Just got my new 2013 GT/CS. Really happy with it and gets a ton of looks.
  3. How about plate ideas, Like SNOWPONY SNOWTANG SNOWSHOW WHITE CS
  4. Thank you so much.....I think I am going to order it in White only thing i dont like is the backup camera is not available on CS. I like the stripe at the bottom better as it is like the Shelby...... The CS doesn't have the large lights in the centre of the grille like the GT My wife and daughter think White is a girly color. Thanks for comments
  5. Thanks, I really like the white with glass roof whats your thoughts..........
  6. Anyone got a 2013 CS yet.......just looking for feedback and pics. Thanks
  7. Are the original hoods still available or did they sell them all.
  8. That is the sweetest i've ever seen. What wheels are they?
  9. I love those lights. Not being very mechanically inclined how difficult to install in 07 Hertz. Thanks
  11. Anyone know where I can buy good seats for Daytona 500. Thanks Soft Top
  12. ANYONE know how to buy good seats for daytona 500 2012 Thanks Soft top
  13. Hi Phido1 I havent really advertised my car for sale yet but would sell but no less than $35k it is #133 and has onle 13,500 miles and Im in Ontario Canada. Soft top

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