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  1. Z-man-

    I am attending the show is there going to be a information packet available for the event? What do I need to bring to show proof I have paid for the activities starting on Thursday? Thank you in advance. -Kevin

  2. Z-man- I am attending the show is there going to be a information packet available for the event? What do I need to bring to show proof I have paid for the activities starting on Thursday? Thank you in advance. -Kevin
  3. I tried to see if this was already been reported here but I couldn't find it. - Kevin https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1123780_7th-generation-chevrolet-camaro-reportedly-cancelled-nameplate-to-die
  4. I registered and looking forward to going. -Kevin
  5. Congratulations on your move! I guess I won't be seeing you anymore at the local car shows in CT. I still have a few years to go before I can escape taxation. Hope the Shelby GT enjoys it's new weather. -Kevin
  6. I bought one and found last years in my closet. Thought it was gone.-Kevin
  7. You don't mention your region Bikeboy but I do buisness at the Middletown, CT store and it's the same thing. People are waiting for service and there is a group of them hanging out in the backroom. I am all for a person taking a break but that many at the same time. I've had worse cell phone service that's why I stick with Verizon for now. -Kevin
  8. I am in the need of replacement Whipple Supercharger labels. One of my original labels has fallen off and was lost during a cruise somewhere. I removed the second because it was sliding off and did not want to loose two of them. My first phone call was placed with Whipple who stated they did not have anymore like this. I also contacted Tasca Ford who installed the supercharger who also stated they did not have any of these. Shelby Automobiles were contacted by phone with none available. A large amount of time was also spent searching Ebay for these. I attended a car show last year and found a gentleman with a present generation Whipple Supercharged Shelby GT with a silver and black label affixed to his forced induction. My question is there anybody out there with a set of original labels to purchase or is it possible to obtain a pair of the new silver and black labels from Shelby Automobiles? Any help would be great. Thank you in advance. - Kevin
  9. I did a simple google search and came up with this. http://www.aransascountymotorsports.com/
  10. Take the new engine while you still can. The mustang has been through a lot of engine configurations in it's day. There are a lot of first generation Shelby's out there with non-matching engines that had been replaced under warranty and still selling for six figures. I would be proud to get a Shelby from my dad. - Kevin
  11. I bought a extra front bumper cover from my local dealership last year. The first one they sent was shipped/stored incorrectly so it was twisted and they happily ordered me another one. This is something to watch out for. As Larry T states the grill is available at the Shelby Store or their Ebay Store. I have also purchased stuff from the Tasca Parts site for another Ford product and their prices sometimes beat others. -Kevin
  12. I have a spare GT500 wheel and tire in my trunk. My car has 20" wheels and we made a trip to Niagara Falls from CT for a car show a 950 mile trip. It is a slim chance of finding a tire like that on a Sunday. Yes, it's added weight and sticks up over the top of the wheel well but cheap insurance. There is way too many sharp objects on the road today. -Kevin
  13. I did the same upgrade as JASPONY. Both the radiator and fan were purchased on sale through a Ford Racing dealer on the internet. I posted a thread on this with photos. It is a tight fit but can be done in a day taking your time. Great upgrade for the money especially in a supercharged application. -Kevin
  14. Great color car. Congrats on your purchase. Nice to see the extras with the car. I fit a GT500 tire/rim with a jack in the spare tire spot. It does not fit well but gives you piece of mind. I have the GT500 brakes which is why I bought the spare. If I remember correctly the GT Mustangs came with spare tires that will fit over the stock brakes if you wanted to have a spare tire and don't care about the added weight. -Kevin
  15. I've done this swap also. Took my time because you are stuffing a lot more material in a smaller spot but it can be done. I bought mine at a different spot when it was on sale. No issues yet but it was done late last year. This is the thread I created on the install. -Kevin http://www.teamshelby.com/forums/index.php/topic/89682-upgraded-cooling-system/
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