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  1. Nah...drop them in the middle of the fire with nothing but an indian can and let them try and spray their way out.
  2. Hey guys! just wanted to say hi. I see Duuuude came around. Good to see. I got a date for the 07 to get the airbag replaced and have them fix that throttle body sensor issue. Things are looking up.
  3. How do, gentlemen. Doc - Just some intel for you. There was a date in either August or September when they started putting the new clutches in. Believe it or not, I think mine was one of the first ones based on the dates. Grabber had a thread about it someplace.
  4. Yeah I've been watching what I post. Definitely trying to keep things rated PG.
  5. How do! I just thought I'd poke my head in and see what's going on.
  6. Here its the deer. I kid you not...when I drive home at night in the Shelby I idle down our road in 3rd gear watching for those brown buggers.
  7. Or the critters in the woods get them
  8. Or raspberries and blackberries. We have those growing wild around the house.
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